This coming weekend is a major event for toy companies and fans alike known as the New York Toy Fair.  Its kind of like the San Diego Comic Con, but for toys.  Companies of all sizes gather in New York City every February and show off their current and future products to fans and obviously, investors.  We’d actually like to thank the Litzky Public Relations firm who works with Hasbro for the invite to the NY Toy Fair and press preview tour of Hasbro’s section.  Unfortunately we do not have anyone close by and on duty.

Today, an article appeared with exclusive material in USA Today, which features the new toy lineup Hasbro is producing for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  The toy line is dubbed Guardians of Harmony and seems to be a major step away from the traditional figure lines MLP fans are used.  You could say Hasbro may have broken the mold on this one.

The Guardians of Harmony toy line features molded and stylized figures, many featuring multiple articulating parts making the figures very poseable.

The toy line which will debut this fall will be accompanied by a new comic series from IDW.



The upcoming line comes from consumers and fans asking for more adventure and new ways to play with core Ponies such as Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, says Samantha Lomow, senior vice president of Hasbro Brands for Boys, Girls and Preschool Portfolio. “They just wanted the characters brought to life in a whole new way.”

(Brian Truitt, USA Today)


The Guardians of Harmony toy line, aimed for ages 3 and up, features single figures ($9.99 each) like Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Shadowbolt and Shining Armor with nine points of articulation — so kids can pose the Ponies in their favorite scenes

(Brian Truitt, USA Today)


A special set with princesses Celestia and Luna ($19.99) brings together the royal sisters for fans, and a giant 13-inch Spike dragon figure ($39.99) comes with removable armor, fireball projectiles and a saddle for other Pony characters to hop on for a ride.

Many of the new figures come right out of scenes from the cartoon, and according to Lomow, a new series of comic books from IDW debuts this fall extending some of the story lines from the series and new toys.

(Brian Truitt, USA Today)


My Little Pony has long fostered a female appeal, yet Guardians of Harmony is another way for Hasbro to release products to satisfy its current large and fervent fan base of girls and boys, young and old.

(Brian Truitt, USA Today)

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  • Raffaele Lanza

    Mh, I’ve an half idea of where this will bring us: the S6 will be the last one and the finale of the same season will introduce the Guardians of Harmony line for the Mane 6 (since the finale will air this fall, the same launch window of the line, it’s pretty possible). Then the Movie will bring the final mission (or at least one of the hardest) for the Mane 6. In the meantime we’ll have the IDW series where we’ll see the Mane 6 doing their new duty.


    It’s funny that there has been like a five year lag between fans saying we want to buy quality toys and the deluge of these molded figures. I was beginning to wonder if Hasbro had abandoned the brushable lines! There sure aren’t many on the shelves. Gotta give props to Hasbro to only taking three years to start drowning us in plush ponies. Of course, Hasbro uses their test-play room and research to see if what we’ve been saying about what we want holds true to all ages, but it looks like they are really listening. Huzzah for communication! Onward to five more seasons and beyond!