Hasbro NYC Toy Fair Presentation

A few hours ago, Hasbro’s live broadcast from the New York City Toy Fair ended, and already we have a recording of one of the relevant sections on YouTube, even before Hasbro could put up their own copy.

My own recording of the event also contains a few My Little Pony–related bits from the Q & A session, but those weren’t as revelatory as the sentences at around 2:40 in the video after the break.

Samantha Lomow explains: “Our theme this year, Rainbow Power, ties directly into season 4 of our animated series currently airing. In ‘Rainbow Power,’ all of our pony characters are rainbowfied, and Twilight Sparkle gets her very own Rainbow Kingdom.” (Bear in mind, though, that I may be mistaken about he quotation marks around the second “Rainbow Power” and the capitalization of “Rainbow Kingdom,” since I only have an audio source.)

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks has been announced a few days ago already, but Samantha Lomow also confirmed their plans for another round of theatrical releases.

Various sites have reported that at some point in the presentation it was also said that My Little Pony would last five more years. Since they certainly don’t plan to discontinue the brand in its (roughly) 36th year, it is possible that this was in reference to the show, Friendship is Magic, which would imply a whole bunch more seasons. StatManDan listened to the whole recording and could not find the quote, so this remains an unconfirmed rumor. (If anyone finds it, please let me know.)

Find the video and a gallery of relevant slides after the break.

  • Battra

    Please no on the rainbow kingdom and powers, we already ruined Twilight by making her a Alicorn Princees we don’t need to ruin the entire show by turning it into blatant toy grab.

    • Anonymous

      you must be new here. it was always a blatant toy grab… well, not THAT blatant in 2010-2011

    • AC44


      “well, not THAT blatant in 2010-2011”

      Yeah… :sigh:

    • Anonymous

      This is the big thing.

      The show was not a blatant toy grab.
      The show was also not as blatantly girly.

      Both things that Lauren aimed to accomplish when making the show in the first place… and both have kind of wavered ever since Lauren left.

  • Anonymous


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