Assassin's Creed: Derpyhood by ~WingsofFox

We have a reliable but anonymous source* that has confirmed that Hasbro Inc. is currently pressuring WeLoveFine T-Shirts to remove their Derpy related merchandise. We are currently at this time unsure if it is all Derpy related material, or just that which carries the so called “offensive” term on it.

Yes, sadly this is due to the petitions and loud protests of many. Do not spread hatred because of this, it is the human right to have an opinion or a dislike of something, and it is also the human right to be able to protest that which you do not like and petition for its destruction. There was plenty of people who had opinions on the whole Derpy incident, both sides have valid points. But it takes the entire situation to a whole new level when you begin protesting something that appeared on a cartoon. I am sorry if that is insulting to some, but there are more important things in this world that could use that effort and benefit more. But such is life.

So if you wanted to purchase a Derpy t-shirt from WeLoveFine, you best get them now. Your purchase along with everyone else will show that there is major support for the character, there is also a twitter hash going around (#savederpy) and a petition being formed here.

Do not go “raging” to Hasbro, or especially WLF who are the ones being pressured. Studio B and The Hub have nothing to do with any of this, so do not blow up their facebooks and tweets. For now, wait and see what develops.

(The subject of the Last Roundup going missing on iTunes has cropped up. Please note that this was confirmed by Shout! Factory, the producers of the upcoming DVDs that the episode has not been changed).

UPDATE 2/2/12: According to EquestriaDaily’s post on the subject, there are now shirts showing up on WeLoveFine as “Ditzy” and “Pony Cutie Mark“. I never visited WLF that often, but can only assume that these shirts once were called Derpy.

UPDATE 2/3/12: We have a article today that kind of breaks down everything that has happened. According to Equestria Daily, the names are starting to return to the shirts on WeLoveFine. The #savederpy campaign has garnished almost 2k tweets and reaching an audience of close to 100,000, and the petition itself was around 10,000 signature. The newer article can be found here.

* I know many people questioned my source, and obviously if I was in your shoes, I would too, especially on news of this size. I can now at least say that it was someone inside WeLoveFine, and that I wouldn’t post such a thing without believing and having confirmed the facts are 99% correct. Its one thing when its a random email from a nameless face claiming things, its another when its someone you know that works for the company. Obviously he or she wanted to be kept anonymous cause its a risk to their own career.

There has also been a nasty rumor that all of this was just about selling more t-shirts, namely because Hasbro has said nothing. Truthfully, Hasbro isn’t one to make statements, if you have not researched the company, I can tell you that the CEO is a very conservative man, and that the company itself has a track record of basically ignoring what it cannot understand.

Update 2/6/12: An e-mail posted on the Bronies Forever Facebook group seems to confirm that Derpy’s name will not be changing.


[03/02/2012] : Comment Section is now closed. There is a central page for DerpyGate located here.

  • Anonymous

    this fucking fandom, I swear

    • MLP Rainbow Dash

      Agreed. Violence gets you nowhere. Who do you think they’ll listen to more since there are suddenly two sides to this? The group of people respectfully showing their opinions, or the group of people yelling at them because they don’t get what they want?

      What is wrong with half of you guys? The whole, “Love and Tolerance” thing is supposed to be all the time, not just when it is convenient for you. That is what helped put this community on its own two legs (or four, more appropriately) in the first place when standing against the crowd. You do what is right because it is right, not because there is monetary reward or gain from it. And you do it whether or not people notice, not because people notice.

      Respect is better earned than taken anyway.

      • dj ducktaape

        i completely agree with you, many bronies have forgotten the whole aspect of love and tolerance, needless to say it sucks that a products about a character we love is going to be taken away, but it doesn’t change the fact that the company doing this has done A LOT for bronies already, case and point making derpy cannon to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes you definitely should spread hatred. Just because you’re a newsblog, it doesn’t mean you have to be neutral ALL the time. This is one of the times when exceptions should be made. There’s no reason to tolerate everybody’s stupid shitty opinions. That’s the reason these people exist. And they are worthless sacks of shit on many levels, I’m sure you guys understand the reason why I say that.

    • Phylophyle

      You’re entitled to your opinion, but I think calm and impersonal complaints without insult are more effective and generally better.
      Yelling at people tends to make them yell back.

      • Anonymous

        Guiding collective hatred towards a few individuals has great effects on the other hand. That’s exactly why bigger newsblogs should encourage hatemail and such to people like Yamino. Note that there aren’t that many people who hate on Derpy, just a few vocal idiots and a bunch more who follow them blindly.

        • Phylophyle

          What’s wrong with Yamino? Anyway, you’re entitled to your opinion regardless of my view on it, so it’s all ok.

          • Anonymous

            Yamino is one of the main reasons this is happening. He was probably the first one to get all butthurt about it and spread a lot of drama.

    • Phylophyle

      Well, that “this is happening” is still kind of doubtable. Also, something that extreme would be a really bad move if there was any possibility for mistake. And, it likely would cause more people to get upset than it would change opinions.
      Also, it’s plain not very nice.
      Even if Yamino said some things you really don’t agree with, they are just doing the same thing you are: expressing an opinion.

      • Anonymous

        Problem is, people like that have enough money/influence to stuff their opinion down our throat and have if become cast in stone. I find “Political Correctness” to be a perversion of basic human rights and effectively a form of censorship disguised as a “Social Vitamin”. I’m not as mad about Derpy as I am about the fact that some jackass didn’t like it and wants to take it away from a bunch of people that do. It’s the basic principle of the matter that burns me. I’m not getting all butt hurt over it but, I find it deeply endearing that the animators made a full blown character out of a mistake based on the fans input alone. Plus, how can you not think Derpy’s cute, even if it’s in the Kog’maw kind of way.

        • dj ducktape

          you are entitled to your opinion, just as the people who are having an issue with derpy is, are you saying that your opinion has more value just because more people are affected? remember this is NOT our show we do NOT own it. we merely enjoy it at the whim of the company, this company could go all crazy censorship on us and start attacking all the fanmade pony content there is, but they dont for the mere fact they actually give a crap about us bronies.

          • unapologetically politically incorrect

            I do agree that people are entitled to their own opinion, as long as they can back it up. That said, I also think Hasbro should grow some backbone on this and stand up for artistic principle. You’re right, we do not own the show, but we do believe in the right to stand up against political correctness and allow the show to continue to show Derpy as she is; a lovable, clumsy and productive member of society who meekly delivers mail.

            In fact, by demanding that a character should be altered because she “offends” the “retards” is far more offensive than the “offensive” character in question. If anything, if South Park has taught me anything, it is far more politically correct to acknowledge yet accept them and treat them equally.

            Dear Princess Celestia,

            Today I have learned that there are someponies who might not be normal. In fact, they might be slightly handicapped. However, I have learned that no matter what, they should always be treated just like every other pony, even if some pony thinks that we might be making fun of them. I learned that no matter what, the Power of Friendship can overcome anything, whether it is a quirk, a handicap, or anything else.

            PS- Those ponies who thought Derpy is offensive? Fuck you. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are no better than those bigots who bullied them during childhood.

  • Anonymous

    =( is this why itunes pulled “the last roundup” too? I thought Derpy was great. she’s always been my favorite background pony. I think she shows that no matter how socially awkward you sometimes feel like you are, you are still valuable.


    Fuck you guys (to the ones who caused this, of course). Really, way to ruin a great thing we had.

    • Don the mon

      Seriously though. You all loved Derpy and her fan-made personality, but when the show’s creators decide to add her in an episode (and with her fanon attributes), as a way to show their APPRECIATION of this fandom, you guys (to the ones who caused this, of course) GET BUTTHURT? That makes no sense at all! Learn to fucking appreciate what they do for you!

      • Anonymous

        yes i agree! dont bite the hand that feeds you!

      • jrk08004

        I would put money on some of these ne’er do wells are prior Ditzy proponents too. Arguably some would be like, “Ok, it’s canon now as Derpy I guess I’m OKish with that” but you know some of them want to get revenge.

    • dj ducktape

      you are posting a foolish hate post, what point does it do to post something that doesnt help you. just sign the petition . there is no point what so ever to post something like your comment, we just enjoy the show we do not own it, you should remember love and tolerance, you should remember humility, you should remember what it was like on 4chan when we were not a clumping group standing strong against haters but scattered individuals being beaten down on for our likes, our love and tolerance view is not a thing to be ignored when we now have a powerful voice with more people to hear it , IT IS A LAW. remember it your opinion has no more or no less value then the people your hating on

  • Phylophyle

    Wait. Citation needed.
    Remain calm.
    Anyone can claim anonymous reliable sources. (No offense.) It is very unlikely that any backlash has got anywhere.

    The most important thing is to calm down and look rationally.

  • Megan

    What Phylophyle said. Anyone can type out “reliable sources.” It doesn’t always mean it’s true you know.

    • Anonymous

      DerpySquad is the one who runs this site though, unless this is a trolling attempt it’s most likely reliable.

      • Indeed, basically people at this moment have to take my word for it. This information did not come from an anonymous email or source, just a source who does not wish to be named.

        And trust me, I don’t post this kind of stuff lightly, spent plenty of time thinking about it and waited until it was at least 90% confirmed that this is true.

        • Phylophyle

          I will have to take your word for it.

          Anyway, I personally would have waited for an official statement, due to the flammable nature of the topic, but this isn’t the proper avenue for me to offer advice.

  • imad

    I’m so upset at these people right now I don’t know what to say. I thought their little protest over our beloved Derpy would have no effect. But no, they screech “Ableism” and claim Derpy is insulting mentally challenged people everywhere and their whining, biased little group is going to get their way.

    I’m sorry you feel that our cross-eyed mare steps on your mentally challenged hooves. It’s been the majority of the fandom’s opinion, Hasbro, and Tabitha St. Germain’s that Derpy was not “ableist” in any way. Only clumsy and a little slow.

    While you’re at it you should probably get mad at the way they portrayed Snails as well. He seems unable to follow a conversation completely and speaks in a slow, dorky manner as well and often gives vacant stares. He also seems to just tag along with Snips. Oh wait, no, you have no problem with him, do you? Where was the outrage over him? Where were the letters and protests over his portrayl?

    Is it really all in the name then? Is that what you’re mad about? Are so you unable to grasp the meaning assigned to Derpy in this situation that you are screaming foul over mostly that? (Not like calling someone Snails is bad, noo…)
    Fine, if you’re that saddlesore we’ll make you all feel special and change her to Ditzy. Derpy goes all the way back to her origins but Ditzy is pretty equivalent.

    My little sister seems to get Derpy and loves her. I’m sorry you don’t.

    • Phylophyle

      I think that the supposed ‘backlash’ about derpy has been exaggerated. I think it’s a reason for people to get worked up about something, so they imagine that there are people actually angry. When’s the last time any of us have actually seen someone disliking derpy?

      Even the studio loves derpy!

      • Anonymous

        google this line, have fun

        • Phylophyle

          Ok. So, there is a person that doesn’t like the portrayal of Derpy. However, they are a singular person, on their private tumblr. It’s hardly a massive backlash. If you look around on the internet, you’ll find anybody who will say anything.

          Even if there are more people, there are entire groups of people that think Rainbow Dash is too tomboyish for a girls show, or that the plots are too complicated for little girls. Nobody in charge listens to them.

          Also, even if Yamino’s responses were somewhat pointed, it’s still a personal opinion expressed in a civil manner. Even if we really don’t like it.

  • Anonymous

    So you guys really don’t realize that it could have been parents that complained about this? Seriously, it’s a valid complaint when you don’t want your kid to watch a cartoon that seems like it’s making fun of disabled people (or ponies).

    Surely some of you are old enough to remember the Jynx incident from the olden days of pokemon, when toys and episodes of her were banned on account of being perceived as a racist stereotype.

    • Anonymous

      Parents don’t even know the meaning of the word “derp”. I can’t speak for Americans, since I know that it’s a really weird and generally stupid population, but if somebody grows up on cartoons filled to the brim with “mentally handicapped” and “ableist” characters (see every single older TV show ever), wouldn’t they recognize that Derpy is just a silly, fun character, exactly like those in older cartoons?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve said this sort of thing before: “Derpy” is a name which only the truly internet-savvy people should truly understand. “Ditzy Doo” is a direct term used to show her lack of intelligence, and is therefore worse than “Derpy”.

      If nobody apart from the internet – and I doubt parents of young girls would be really this interested in researching technical internet terms, just in case their young child just happens to accidentally come across a certain website that could lead to completely awful things happening – understands the joke, then parents shouldn’t be the ones complaining.

      As for her actions, well, look at other cartoon characters such as Ed or Goofy. They’re the ‘loveable idiot/klutz’, and Derpy just seems to be another character to fit that role.

      Heck, nobody from Hasbro or Studio B has commented on its perceived insult before, and they were the ones who named Ditzy in the first place. If it would have been anybody, it should have been Hasbro to pick up on the intended meaning. They wouldn’t have included it if they had realised it would be risky.

      Heck, the animators weren’t even aware of the backlash, and from what one particular member of the team has said, they don’t much care, as long as the general fanbase is happy. I think we’ll continue to see Derpy as a background character for many episodes to come. She might not have been put into another episode with a speaking role, anyway, and this could just have been one instance of a fan shout-out that was never intended to be anything more.

      Besides, who characterised Derpy as her canon form is now depicted? The fanbase! We’re just a huge bunch of hypocrites, and that’s the only thing that is certain about this entire debate for now. I personally hope that it will all get resolved and everything will turn out alright.

      Who’s to say? The world is in a constant stream of motion. It might be that Derpy never appears again, or it might be that Hasbro generally ignores all comments and end up doing their own thing.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t really have any opinion on this matter, but just chiming in to mention that I showed my family MLP during the holidays (my younger relatives but my parents and aunts were also watching) and they asked about Derpy and then asked if she was mentally retarded. My father’s comment was “Well, a name like Derpy..” – they’re not internet savvy or anything, but I think it’s onomatopoeic enough to figure out.

      Regardless, I do hope this works out well for everyone. I don’t personally think Derpy was portrayed too offensively, but then again, I’m privileged enough to not have to worry about ableism affecting me personally, so my opinion on the portrayal pretty much means nothing as a result. I think a lot of the fans reading this drama don’t quite understand that just because it doesn’t seem offensive to the majority doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a problem, that’s why people are concerned.

    • Anonymous

      if you really think derpy is bad what about those episodes of spongebob where he and patrick are acting with less intellect than a sack of hammers?!

    • Anonymous

      Parent here that watches MLP with her 2 year old daughter and knows what derp means. I say I’m having “derp” moments all the time, and never have I meant to offend anyone. If other parents are taking this seriously, they have too much time on their hands and need to get the stick out of their ass.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck yeah I love drama

    Life is exciting

  • Anonymous

    What about the DVD? That has last roundup on it!

    • Anonymous


  • Dude. We HAVE a confused pony already.

    Is the only problem Derpy’s eyes? Gah, time for another analyzation…

    “Wall-eyes” as they’re called, would come from a severe coordination problem between the two muscles that control the eyes. Derpy could have been born this way, clumsy and wall-eyed, or she could have been hit on the head. Except this visual image detraction sparks arguments like hell, ONLY BECAUSE IT IS CLOSELY CONNECTED WITH AN ABNORMAL STATE OF BEING. People not familiar with the Derpy fan pony will assume that Hasbro is making fun of abnormal people.

    The only way to fix this and keep our Derpy, is for Hasbro to make an episode about Derpy that teaches people that it’s not okay to make fun of disabled people/ponies.

    • Anonymous

      This reminds me of the fanart I see of Derpy with an eyepatch. They usually draw it over the weak eye, but putting an eyepatch over the strong eye for a few hours a day to force the weak eye to focus and strengthen is a common practice. If the weak eye can become strong enough then the trial becomes to have them work together.

      Yes, my love for Derpy made me research this a few months ago.

      • It’s settled then. To keep Derpy going strong, the only option open to us is to have Hasbro make an episode of Derpy teaching the lesson to not make fun of disabled/abnormal/crippled people.

        Someone contact Hasbro about this. Now. The fandom needs Derpy.

        • Anonymous

          I second this notion. This sort of thing needs to happen, even if it’s just a comic that is proudly posted on sites such as dA, Ponibooru and EqD.

    • UnluckyNerd

      Poor Derpy. I know what it’s like to have a Lazy Eye. Granted, It as more or less temporary, and I had some work done to fix it for the most part. But still. The one eye didn’t really bother me too much. It was when OTHER people mocked it that I got annoyed. Now THIS…

      This is TOO much. They need to make a Derpy-Centric Episode to teach the lesson about accepting others no matter what.

    • the fanon previously spoke of derpy’s eye condition: she loves poison joke :)

  • RSKuroi

    The freedom of speech is also the freedom to offend.

    If these people don’t understand Derpy and the love we have of her, they can go stuff themselves. So Derpy is slow, she’s clumsy. But who is she making fun of?

    With the latest portrayal, she just wants to help. To be part of the group (the weather team, as speculated by many). To do her part. Raindow Dash isn’t making fun of her, she’s concerned for Derpy’s sake. Listen to the tone of her voice. It’s not elevated, it’s not mean. The damage to Town Hall wasn’t Derpy’s fault, it was lack of budgeting, dry rot.

    Sure, we don’t know the origin of that cloud. Possibly a mix-up at Weather HQ. Maybe it was rogue. But it seems Derpy was trying to corral it. Keep it from doing more damage. So she’s not great at her job… at least she’s trying.

    “I don’t like this!” Okay, so you don’t. It’s your opinion.
    “No one should like this either!”, Again, opinion.
    “It’s wrong and needs to be changed/removed!”, Pattern forming here… all opinion. Not fact.

    People see what they want to see. Some see ableism (a word I’d personally never heard of until recently), most just see a funny character they like and root for. In a long line of funny characters of similar kind.

    These people are ignorant, they feel the need to remove anything that hints at insensitivity. Even when it isn’t really there. Hindering the acceptance of people, or ponies, that aren’t “normal”. That’s retardation. That’s ableism.

    “You can’t be seen or portrayed doing anything because you aren’t like the rest of us and will only be made fun of, regardless of intent.”

    In the big nasty world of ‘isms, do we really need another?

    • Anonymous

      …Look, I’m probably the last person that people would consider sensitive or anything, and I love Derpy as much as everyone else here but.. are you actually being serious in this comment? You’re making me lose faith in humanity here, so I’m literally trying to convince myself you’re trying to troll even though I’m pretty sure you’re not.

      “In the big nasty world of ‘isms, do we really need another?” ….
      Ableism has been around for a couple of decades at least, but in any case, just because it wasn’t well known doesn’t mean there’s no problem. Problems are only fixed when those affected by those problems speak up, the people unaffected by those problems naturally assume everythings fine and dandy blablabla.

      Anyways, I feel like the issue they’re taking up is just the portrayal/inference of Derpy as mentally challenged and making that the punchline, not necessarily the fact that they’re including her.

      • RSKuroi

        No, I have honestly not heard of ableism until recently. I try not to discriminate against anyone with disabilities, they’re still people nonetheless, so the word hadn’t become part of my vocabulary.

        I’m not trying to troll, although maybe I didn’t convey my point in the best manner.

        It just seems that many times a touchy subject outside of “normal” is brought up, there’s an outcry of “It’s not right to jest” and “You can’t show it like that”. Everyone has to tread so carefully in the sensitivity department, least anyone else become offended.

        I suppose my “isms” remark came from a video I saw not long ago, involving racism and how to stop it. It carried over into this discussion. I got riled up over the ridiculousness.

        Basically, I was trying to say that everyone should just calm down and back off. People like Derpy, others don’t. But does it need a group demanding a change of character?

        • RSKuroi

          “Lest anyone else…”, sorry, typo.

        • There are many “derpy” type characters in past cartoons and TV shows, but “Our Little Ponies” is currently in-the-know and much more noticeable.

          the “stop the -isms” rablerousers are going to take advantage of the shows popularity more than trying to ban Wile Coyote for not learning to not fall of cliffs or Buggs Bunny for cross dressing and seducing Elmer Fudd because, well, we’re watching ponies right now instead of looney toons.

  • anopinion

    Derpy, as I have always understood it, wasn’t directed at handicap peoples but instead was representative of the “derpy-ness” in all of us. When we goof, that’s when we derp.

    Maybe it’s important to point this out and spread it around.

  • Nyxilis

    I would not be surprised there is some group that finds trouble with it. Simply put, there is always a group that has trouble with everything. Luckily they generally shrugged off some of the radical groups that just generally whine about the show.

    This one might have gained traction because all it takes is some lil group with teary eyes to talk politically correct. Yet, the end result is the purge anyone with a disability from any show. They aim to gain respect but really what they do is void all who have them. I grew up knowing someone disabled and he was the one that made jokes all the time. If these groups had their way they’d remove laughing along to simply pity and more awkward feelings around the disabled because now we just have to worry about offending them all the time. When it should be based off common sense not groups wading into nothing they know of.

  • Moonlight

    This is intolerence. Derpy Hooves (as she is called) is possibly the most beloved pony by the fandom, and she, in no way, is offensive unless someone tries to portray her as such. Even the word “derp” in and of itself depends on interpretation. Therefore, if you find Derpy insulting, then you painted a picture of all mentally debilitated people as “derpy” and therefore it’s your fault for assuming that meaning. Anyone who tries to pass such blame onto someone else is avoiding the problem from a passive-aggressive stance. That is my opinion and I feel very strongly about it. I respect the opinions of the aggressors but that doesnt mean I don’t disagree with their opinions. Also, Hasbro will have more people angry about getting rid of her name as Derpy than the people who started this argument in the first place. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


    This is…well, derpy XD

  • pseudo Zack Wester

    You know it could just be that she got eye problem sorry if this is an bit of but still.
    For example I need glasses just to be able to see anything at an distance whit out blur set to full effect.
    Derpy might have wall eye and poor eye-hoof coordinate but she could challenge twilight in knowledge and overall
    Yes she will be clumsy but who ain´t now its just that there is an notable disability.
    As I said I got an minor disability Myopia or in laymen terms nearsightedness derpy got an other kind of eye problem, Now where is the problem guys. I Think I seen an few ponies in the show whit glasses.

    • I think it’s the eyes people are yelling about…just the eyes.

      This stupid pony was supposed to be a joke and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!!


      Seriously, this is getting on the fandom’s nerves…

  • Hey Hasbro, are you gonna get rid of Derpy completly after this? Cause shes not a perfect pony? By the way, you guys named a pony Ditzy Doo IN THE SHOW. Calling some one ditzy is far more of an insult that Derpy.

    • Anonymous

      Breaking news! A made-up word practically insults dozens while they make a big fuss about it! More at 10:00. Now, over to my colleague, Timothy, for the weather.

      • “Well Tom, I can’t do the weather right now because there’s a crowd of bronies in the studio shouting at the cameras and I can’t get them out! GET OUT ALL OF YOU! NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID-EYED PONY BECAUSE MY HIGHER-UPS SAY SO! GET OUT!!!”

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny people should think that Derpy is offensive, when they themselves in truth are the offensive ones. Acctually having the opinion that Derpy should be taken off the show is a spit in the face to all working on the show, and the fandom as a whole. I would highly recommend anyone thinking this way to just leave the fandom now and let us who acctually still enjoy it somewhat have nice things. You scumbags don’t even deserve to call yourselves bronies.

  • TheLoneLampman

    I have a feeling that the ‘haters’ are trying to strike us where it hurts the most: our hearts.

    Hasbro, keep your fans happy.
    We are the 99%.

  • Anonymous

    The true bigots are the ones that think Derpy is somehow offensive. These people make me sick.

  • Anonymous

    Reliable Source you say?
    Then why do I get the feeling that in a few days, we’ll be talking about how, and most of the fandom, got trolled hard with something that made a shitstorm that got all the way to petitions?

    • Anonymous

      Best guestimate is that it’s someone from we love fine who sent out an email to certain peeps.
      Equestria Daily
      Maybe even

      *Shrugs* it won’t matter, old farts in suits won’t listen to fans, especially fans on the internets.
      And unlike politicians, they don’t die off from old age, they just get replacement parts.

  • Robo-Dale

    Even if they name her Ditzy, we will still call her Derpy. Even if they remove the scene from the episode, she’s still canon. Even if they take away the shirts that we wear proudly on our backs, she’s still in our hearts. We are the 99%.
    Keep Calm And Derp.

    • I agree with this.

      …………… anyone else starting to feel more disrespect for Hasbro or is it just me?

      • QD

        Never really had any. ;-)

        In business schools a decade from now, this will ge a case study of “How not to react to an unexpected market” or some such title.

        Plushies are selling for three and four figures on eBay. You think maybe some decent show accurate obe might sell for a few bits? Experienced coders are writing pony video games just because they want to. Does Hasbro even look into picking one or two of the most promising and toss some dev resources their way for officially licensed games?

        I dunno… I know guys in business positions. They are ALWAYS looking for ways to expand their core businesses. Valve software saw a neat game with dimensional portals by some students, hired the whole team, and soon half the world was declaring the cake to be a lie.

        You gotta think outside the chimney, Hasbro.

        • I have great respect if only for Dan Vs. I am really amazed the show is still on. Its my favourite thing on the HUB because it’s like a USA Network ‘adult’ animation toned down for kids. It’s something I thought could ONLY pass through censors in the 90s, and yet here we are. I hope it never ends. Dan is very much an asexual child-friendly version of Duckman.

  • Anonymous

    Way to fuck it up, guys.

    The writers are never going to give the fandom any love after this shit storm.

    Nice going.

  • Anonymous

    So, time to throw a wrinkle into this whole mess.

    Brian Ward at Shout! Factory has confirmed that The Last Roundup hasn’t been changed from the master copy that they were given, and it’s at the factory.

    Tweet confirmations:!/BWard028/status/165207082168094720 and!/BWard028/status/165217747385593856

    Let the piefight begin anew.

  • Anonymouse

    The Last Roundup has not been edited or removed in any way from The Friendship Express DVD, as confirmed by Brian Ward from Shout! Factory.

    Tweet confirmations:!/BWard028/status/165207082168094720 and!/BWard028/status/165217747385593856

    Let the piefight begin anew.

  • umadbrahz

    Tweet confirmations:!/BWard028/status/165207082168094720 and!/BWard028/status/165217747385593856

    DVD has not been changed. Hasbro is not removing Derpy.

    GG on starting shitstorm baww QQ petition, though.

  • Anonymous

    I just went on We Love Fine and there taking out Derpy from all the titles.


    A better worded petition. Several thousand signatures already.

  • Anonymous

    It’s official. We’re worse than the Sonic fandom.

    • Derpy is a pony.

      Derpy has wall-eyes and is clumsy.

      Everyone loves Derpy.

      Derpy makes an appearance doing something and has lines.

      The entire world explodes with joy.

      The entire world explodes again with anger and arguments.

      The arguments are about “Derpy has wall-eyes and is clumsy”.


      • HerpDerp

        People can be very very dumb over things that are utterly trivial – like silly cartoon characters acting like silly cartoon characters.

  • Anonymous

    Um, how do we even know that this has anything to do with anything other than the actual name “Derpy”?

    Like someone suggested over at Equestria Daily, this could very well be just ordinary trade mark business, handled in an ordinary way, just like when Lauren Faust had to rename some of the characters in her original pitch because Hasbro didn’t own the names any longer.

    Hasbro can’t actually licence official “Derpy” products until they have completed a registration of the trademark, wich could take time.

    Lets not jump to all sorts of conclusions, and lets not get all petition-ish before we have actual knowledge of just what’s going on.

  • Weswolf

    This almost sounds like it’s partially the work of the same pony hating trolls that have been trying to destroy the fandom from the start.

  • Ditzydont

    I’m trying not to jump to conclusions.

    I really don’t think Bronies are to blame, I did see some negative reactions about Derpy being offensive but I doubt enough Bronies would actually email Hasbro about it.

    Bronies aren’t the only ones who watch the show, there are people who watch the show but aren’t fans per sey plus parents who watch it with their kids.

    I don’t blame Bronies who felt offended at Derpy but I do blame you if you actually emailed or snail mailed something to Hasbro or the show creators to complain.

    You should feel bad because now Derpy might dissapear from the show altogether. Way to go.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    especially bad when you consider derpy was OUR creation. And she’s appeared wall eyed in almost every episode to date, and been involved in sight gags in ep 15 of s1, and blah blah blah.

    I hate to sound like one of EQD’s comment section, but I genuinely think anyone who’s a true brony would NEVER be down on derpy, and I don’t care who they are.

  • I broke it down into small easy to digest sentences.

    Anything not make sense?
    Once upon a time there was a children’s show.

    The show was called My Little Pony.

    The first part showed a pony with crossed eyes.

    The eyes were an error that wasn’t found for a long time.

    Lots of people were very happy about the pony.

    They named the pony Derpy Hooves.

    Derpy became a huge idea.

    Hasbro took Derpy and put him in a scene.

    People were overjoyed.

    But then things started getting nasty.

    People started arguing over Derpy.

    “Derpy is too clumsy”, they said.

    They thought that Derpy shouldn’t have that name.

    Hasbro became angry.

    Hasbro started destroying the fans!

    They told everyone to stop liking Derpy!



    • QD

      And that’s how Equestria was made!

  • Man, Hasbro maybe lazy when it comes to MLP and is pretty much ignoring fans’ opinions and suggestions but please Hasbro, don’t take this one away from us!

  • Anonymous

    It is not human right to deny others because you feel something is offensive

    • QD

      This. Speech is free and a basic right. But when you advocate to take something away from someone else that causes no harm, you have crossed a line. Their rights END where mine begin, as the saying goes.

      Yeah, in the grand scheme of life it’s a tiny thing, but it bugs me on the level where I’m sick of political correctness and hypersensitivity worming it’s way into everything, even something like this. It’s annoying because it demonstrates there’s just no safe harbor from the legions of idiots in this world. The Net and the media and all our modern communication does more to amplify the stupidly rather that the better things our civilization can do.

      So it’s a small issue, but some of us can’t ignore that it reflects a larger problem.

  • Anonymous

    I personally wasn’t a fan of the canon portrayal of Derpy. Now, I’ve done my homework, and I know that Derpy was absolutely not meant to seem mentally handicapped. Lauren Faust probably didn’t know the connotation of the word “derp” when assigning a name, Amy Keating Rogers’s script didn’t imply anything on its own, and Tabitha St. Germain didn’t even know the character’s gender. All things considered, the ableist interpretation was nobody’s fault, and the people who sent hatemail screwed the pooch. Still, it’s hard not to see why people got upset in the first place. The voice, the script, the name… It was a perfect storm. So, the negative reaction from some viewers is partially warranted. That, and a ton of headcanon was ruined. I always preferred the name “Bright Eyes,” myself…

  • Twaiuraito

    This is completely ridiculous. An exceedingly small and barely vocal minority is going to ruin this for everyone and cause Hasbro to turn the show into the previous MLP series that were dull as dishwater and had no redeeming values; something that was meant ONLY to sell toys and suffered terribly because of it.

    This is a NEGATIVE for everybody. There is no way that this can do anything but hurt Hasbro’s reputation and frankly it’s shocking that they would sacrifice a potentially enormous source of income (the teenage and adult fandom) because a few people were unreasonably offended by this.

    I hope the people who complained are very proud of themselves, because they’re going to be the ones who end up forcing their faux-politically correct ideals onto the apparently money-allergic higher-ups at Hasbro. This is a classic case of executive meddling and it’s going to cause even more harm in the long run.

  • Anonymous

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but i’m pretty sure that something similar happened to the sonic fandom, yeah, so it looks like this fandom is even worse now.
    The ship is sinking, so i’m leaving and i recommend you to do the same, because it’s only gonna get worse every day

    • HerpDerp

      How do you “leave” a fandom? Are you going to stop enjoying a programme over some hypersensitive people on the internet complaining about imaginary wrongs?

      • Anonymous

        Nope, i’m just gonna keep watching the show, without being part of anything associated with the fandom, strictly watching the cartoon, as i said, this is only gonna get worse every day, the fandom is falling apart, so fights about stupid shit like this are gonna be more frequent, again, just remember the sonic fandom.

  • Anonymous

    There’s another shirt that comes with a button that refers to her as “Derpy”

  • Supertide

    At first I was happy these idiots were butthurt over Derpy because I thought they might leave for good. I would have never thought they could have their way. They don’t deserve it.
    I bet most of the people who complain have self-diagnosed Aspergers Syndrome and suffer from a bad case of unwarranted self-importance.

    Thank this to all the thin-skinned furfags, exsonicfags and other retards who infested the fandom.
    Thank this to Sethisto for encouraging them.
    Thank this to ponychan which provided them a hugbox and deluded them into thinking they matter.

  • kuu

    so it is “it is offensive” and not “it’s a fanon name, not the real name and borderline copyright infringement?

  • kuu

    or product confusion issue.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to know who the hell is protesting this? It’s a kids show. I don’t know how many kids shows I’ve seen that had a clumsy character with slurred speach. Nothing points to derpy being mentally handicapped, and her name is something from the internet to portray the face that she makes. I doubt that after the bronies hated on derpys voice, they’ll ever have derpy speak or be mentioned again, but I imagine they’d still have her as a background pony. Hasbro will most likely just change her official name. If that turns out to be the case, then we bronies can still call her Derpy because that’s her name dammit. I swear, Hasbro does something huge for the fans and not only do the bronies fuck it up, but “protesters” (once again I cannot find out anything about them) completely fucking ruin the character. This is how the fandom dies, I doubt we’ll still be here next year because of bullshit like this.

  • Ugh

    Flaming is magic!

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    how dare you! Derpy is my favourite pony and you are removing her because her name offensives well I got a friend and I called her Derpy because she like Derpy from MLP. Derpy is a lovely character she needs to stay in without her people will do a riot!

  • JediPony

    If ANYONE should be offended by Derpy, it would be me. I have had eye problems all my life (I have a glass eye) and have been teased MERCILESSLY as a child because of it. A lot of harm was brought upon me by my eyes.

    However, Derpy is a beautiful, fun and caring pony. She has become my favorite. I squealed when she spoke and was so happy! I felt I had a comrade in the Brony community.

    Derpy is not an offensive name in the least. A Derp is a type of Oopsie.

    Plus I am the mom of a kid with Asperger’s. And he adores derpy also!

  • TLV

    Bronies, calm the buck down. I’m not going to put any faith in a “reliable, but anonymous” source. An anonymous source is not the same as, say, “A Hasbro employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity.”

    So until Hasbro releases an OFFICIAL statement, either confirming of denying that they’re doing anything about Derpy, calm the buck down, and go watch some more ponies.

    • “reliable, but anonymous” = Employee of WeLoveFine who doesn’t want to be named cause it could cost him his job. Thankfully it did not, since it more or less sold a bunch of merchandise.

  • Anonymous

    WingsofFox, you can go royally fuck yourself, most of the second paragraph I disagreed with, it doesn’t take much effort not want Derpy’s name to be changed, all I know of what to do to help Derpy not get binned is sign that patition and hope for the best (her name not being changed.) WingsofFox Eat shit.

  • GenTeq

    Teddy once said: Speak softly and carry a BIG stick.
    Actions speak louder than words my friends.
    There must be a balance of good and evil if the world should exist. Without it, the balance would be broken. Do not let evil overthrow good but also don’t let too much good be present. We learn from our mistakes. Act swiftly my Brony companions. But remember this, sometimes if force don’t work, you’re not using enough of it.

  • Anonymous

    derpy? why get rid of derpy? thats wrong >:(

  • Anonymous

    The fact that Derpy’s name is being protested is absolutely outrageous. I will admit that the word “Derpy” can, and has been used in negative contexts before; but never once on MLP FIM. “Derpy” was a Fan given name; a nickname. Hasbro didn’t have to use that name, and I highly doubt that they would have if they thought it was as offensive as you pessimists are making it out to be.

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  • SpeedXaaa


    This whole thing is a mess of unnecessary ridiculousness and sheer idiocy. It hurts my brain to realize that we have so many of these touchy people out in this world running around pushing the red button wherever they go, because they find the most trivial thing even the LEAST bit offensive.

  • Circuit

    (twilights voice) “I don’t get it” Love and tolerance is what we are about. And I’m sure if this is going to happen that there will be someone or a group of people who take care of it.

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  • Ho Minh

    Instead of editing out the “offensive”, Hasbro could have made the “controversy” into an episode about what happens when you make fun of somebody different. Or not… censoring is much easier.

  • Anonymous

    I hope our beloved derpy pulls through this…