I’ll Show Thee the Way
by ~Lionheartcartoon

Over this weekend is the My Little Pony Fair (2012), which is the official convention between Hasbro and the people of My Little Pony. In general it tends to be the older generation fans along with collectors and customizers over of course our own 4th gen kind (in many cases seems we don’t get along). The fair includes a Q&A session with folks from Hasbro and can typically reveal some information about the future. We did post the videos up last year about this, I’m sure you can find the articles hidden deep in our archives (sorry, too lazy to link atm). This was the video in which one of the people in the crowd asked about the Pink Celestias, as to why they are not white and if they could be made white, as they spent $100 dollars for a customizer to paint their pink Celesta white. And as you know, Celestia is now white, so Hasbro does listen.

Haven’t watched the video yet so no liner notes. The video itself runs about 21 minutes long. Thanks to K.D. for sending the link in. Video after the page break.

  • Edwin, Inventer of Classicalobilly Funk

    Glad there was a synopsis in the description. It’s hard to make out what anyone’s saying.