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Equestria Daily reports that Hasbro filed for a trademark early this June.

The trademark is for “Rainbooms” and covers “Toy ponies with accessories for use therwith; dolls, doll clothing and doll accessories for use therewith.”

As this was filled out by Hasbro, this means they’ll be non-licensed merchandise. There will be pony toys and dolls, each with their own accessories to fit their unique anatomies.

No word on when we’ll hear about these or what they will look like, but as they’re a Hasbro trademark, they will most likely be sold wherever you already buy Hasbro merch.



  • Chronos30

    She’s starting a rock band: The Rainbooms!
    She can now cause a sonic rainboom simply by strumming her guitar!

    But in which universe will this happen? Both perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    >Toy ponies
    All I need to know. It’s not more human crap, so good for it. Hope it sells a million units, yada yada.

  • StatManDan

    This is where the Mane Six decide to form a band? We still want a soundtrack.

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