Equestria Gothic by *jrrhack

An unfortunate event today, as someone at iTunes has derped. Shortly after the addition of Read It and Weep, it seems somewhere a button was pressed or a wire crossed, and Hearts & Hooves become available.

What is unfortunate is someone is going to get in trouble, this is why none of the sites in the fandom has reported on it. Hasbro is aware, and this has been confirmed to be an unintentional leak. I would have figured that iTunes had people available and that the download link would have been deactived. The leak began about 9pm EST, and at the time I”m writing this, its almost 1am, so the obvious answer is no.

I also know there are going to be some people who are going to frown upon us reporting on this, but I’m sorry, I do not look at this site as a community page or a blog, dead honest my mindset is a newspaper, we are about the news for the most part, and this is news.

But as anyone knows, once the internet has something, there is no going back, and this whole thing has gone on for almost 4 hours now, and been spread to all corners of the internet.

For those who are going to try to avoid spoilers, I wish you good luck, I know even the community artist alley is already going at full steam.

The one bonus is the fact that people have to buy it, its not like it was leaked free of charge. But do the Hub a favoir, and watch it on their channel come Saturday.

  • I for one will wait till Saturday to enjoy this Episode! Tho i know i will hear about it for the next 3 days.

  • FYI, any link to this episode will be shot down in the comment section. If people want to see it, they know where to look.

  • Whoo boy…here’s hoping we can avoid spoilers until this Saturday…

  • Tacobob

    OOoh. I’m tempted. But I’ll be a good little pony and wait till the proper time. Can’t open all our gifts before Christmas. O:)

  • Mason

    Well this is an interesting day.

  • InfinityDash

    This is really unfortunate. Especially because this episode was what the whole We Heart Ponies marathon this weekend was leading up to. And now tons of people will have already seen it.

    But as you said, people *did* have to buy it (well, at first, though I’m assuming someone has DRM stripped it by now), so they probably made more money on this episode in these few short hours than they do in a week’s worth of regular iTunes episode sales (NOTE: completely unfounded guess here, I actually have no idea).

    I’m not going to lie, I did buy it, mostly because I am 99% sure I will not be able to avoid spoilers for the next three days, so I’m going to watch it tonight.

    That is too bad though, though not unheard of for iTunes – a simple google search will show that iTunes has prematurely released episodes of other shows in the past.

    You know what would be great? Is if Hasbro got angry enough that they started offering the show for download on some other platform besides iTunes, because iTunes really does kinda suck, with it’s super restrictive DRM and it’s clunkiness on windows machines.

    Thanks for reporting on this though, when no one else will.

    • InfinityDash

      I should add, I would watch it on the Hub on Saturday, except I don’t get the Hub…

      I feel kinda bad now, I wish I could buy the episode twice to make up for it.

    • QD

      It’s the studios that want the DRM. Steve Jobs was the one who fought the battle to remove DRM from the music. ITunes music is downloaded in AAC format, and can now be freely converted to MP3 for portable players, or burned to CD. Just a same he died before we could get the same for video.

      Look at the legal nonsense and high fees Netflix deals with. You hate DRM? Don’t blame the middlemen.

      • InfinityDash

        Yeah, I suppose your right. Still, it’d be nice to see the show offered elsewhere. Basically I just don’t like iTunes…

  • QD

    Watching it on the Hub only matters if you are involved in the Nielsen ratings system.

  • TheLoneLampman

    I’m going out on a limb here and guessing there’s no way in hell people are going to have the decency to not spam spoilers everywhere.
    Please be respectful, just this once?

  • Grez

    Welp, I flipped a coin, and I’m watching it on Saturday.
    48 long, agonizing hours I could be spending watching new pony…
    No. No, I’m sticking to it. Waiting until Saturday. Yep.

  • Anonymous

    there’s hearsay of a “mic the microphone” asking for donations while streaming the leaked episode and netting well over 1000$
    I have no proof since I wasn’t there but I think something like this should be reported to hasbro…

    • Anonymous

      You know, I’ve never really liked that guy – he just seems super egotistical… just the fact that his first thought upon an obviously unintentional leak is I’LL LIVESTREAM IT shows that he doesn’t really care about anything but getting people to watch/listen to him…

      I don’t know about the donation thing, but the livestream did indeed happen, check his most recent youtube upload. :(

    • Anonymous

      Just no man don’t hate on Mic. He was not expecting as much money as he got. He just asked his fans to donate to help him to go to Bronycon so he could meet someone very special. He didn’t even have the episode playing during the donations. The donations had nothing to do with the episode in fact most people missed him streaming the episode. It was just another example of how great this community can be. We had the man in tears, a man who writes songs couldn’t think of words to thank us enough. He even said he is going to make a song thanking us and perform it at Bronycon. He also did some sexy stripping and that got quite a few donations. ALSO he admitted he had been on a bit of an ego trip and told us all to slap him if he did it again… So don’t hate.

      • Anonymous

        >admit to being on an ego trip
        >absolved instantly of any and all immature and obnoxious behavior

        Yeah, not gonna happen bro, his behavior has been extending beyond his personal livestreams and is infecting other people. Expecting us to act like we should feel bad for a guy who’s on a power trip for hero worship is incredibly stupid.

        Mic’s an example of the kind of person that personally I do not want heralding/being at the lead of the community. There’s a severe lacking of humility in this community and we should all be trying harder to not act like a bunch of kids.

        • Anonymous

          I just realized how funny your dislike for mic is. It’s funny because almost every artist/musician in the community love mic. Even Seth (EQD) likes him. I can understand your dislike for him but it’s still funny. Everybody makes mistakes, He’s just made a few more than most people. But I won’t sit here try and make you like him. That’s up to you and I hope that one day you may see past his mistakes and enjoy him.

          • Anonymous

            I know this is difficult to follow since we’re all posting anonymous, but, the Anonymous you replied to (2:25pm) is not the same as the 1:26am one.

            I know a few (a few mind, you – you’re right most people love him) other people personally who feel the same way I do about Mic. He basically has an army of 10,000 youtube subscribers and now abuses that power to get people to watch him play games/listen to him ramble/give him money/do whatever he wants. That just doesn’t seem right to me, particularly the “donations” part. And the fact that he *immediately* streamed the leaked Hub-logo-and-commercial-free episode without even considering the repercussions makes me annoyed. At least Equestria Daily had some restraint, thought it appears that was at the request of Hasbro.

            And yes Seth likes him. Hence why EqD now has their official biweekly livestream hosted by him, in which they basically encourage all EqD visitors (through obnoxious front-page posts) to come watch them play TF2, while simultaneously ignoring said visitors, unless someone “famous” shows up in the chat, at which point they ask them to get on skype and join in the “fun.”

            By the way, I’m sorry if I sound angry. I like some of Mic’s stuff. He can be funny. And he does have an admittedly amazing voice. But he’s just got this MASSIVE ego, and just admitting it while continuing to accept donations and praise doesn’t absolve him as Anon above me said.

            I would be more OK with Mic if he wasn’t constantly thrown to the forefront of the community via his relationship with EqD.

            Again. Sorry if I’m angry and rambling. But I just can’t get over how much circle-jerking and ego stroking has now become become something people not only approve of but absolutely eat up in this fandom.

          • Anonymous

            This is the one who made the comment you found ‘funny’ and while I’m not offended by it or anything, I’m gonna cut my commentary short and just make a couple quick comments.

            I have had no negative opinion of mic prior to his recent behavior I’ve discovered via the EqD livestreams. In fact, I found some of his stuff very amusing.

            But just because he makes some funny content for the community does not make him any more deserving of going to Bronycon than say SherclopPones or Raikissu or JJ or choco-pepper or Carnifex or zach morris or…

            Look, there are many other ‘community’ members I could name just as equally deserving of the all expenses paid trip to the convention on behalf of their fans. Mic needs to resist the temptation of using his followers as his personal army, HOWEVER his fans are just as responsible as he is for being ignorant and doing something at his whim just because they like his stuff, at least anything greedy, profitable to Mic and/or something that would result in a negative outcome for others.

            Now my complaints about Mic aside, there’s also some other behavior that occurred in the EqD bi-weekly livestreams not worth going into, so I’ll be as short as I can on that:

            They have shown that they think there is a line between ‘important people’ and ‘regular people’ within the community and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sit here and act like just because someone is more musically/artistically talented than me makes them a more important figure. That’s the kind of crap that leads to ‘celebrity’ mindsets of behavior and I do not enjoy the thought of people within this community going on a power trip from what level of ‘celebrity’ they are in this community.

            Pardon the redundancy, I just don’t know how else to properly explain my discontent with the community as of late. I mean, when all the negative things from this fanbase lately is PURELY coming from the fans (And again, not just ‘little people’ like myself but more well known names), something is seriously wrong.

          • Anonymous

            @Anon 11:53PM
            Regarding the livestream:
            There’s everything you said… and the fact that at one point he was right clicking and saving pony porn while the stream was on…

          • Anonymous

            I had forgotten about that too, thanks for reminding me of that unpleasant imagery as well.

            Look, to wrap up, here’s all that needs to be said:

            The level of professionalism on the part of MicTheMicrophone and the people looking to put themselves at the forefront of the community is SEVERELY lacking. Just because these people have a couple hundred or thousand ‘fans’ does not put them in charge. I’m not saying we need a democratic election of who ‘represents’ us as a whole, because we are all adults capable of representing ourselves and until these people who ‘want’ to represent us begin acting the same, they don’t need to be speaking or behaving or acting on our behalf.

            I have no belief whatsoever that Mic himself is a BAD PERSON, I know PLENTY of people in real life who are complete and total jerks and mic, compared to them, is a saint. He just needs to sit back and collect himself a bit, before he goes nominating himself as ‘leader’ if you will of this subgroup. I want someone funny and intelligent representing us if they ‘must’, but not someone who doesn’t know how to act like an everyday normal human being as well. Reserve the more off the wall/hyperactive kind of stuff for the tumblrs because, you know, that’s where that kind of thing belongs.

            And should mic be seeing this, let me be clear that I harbor no hatred towards you, more disappointment than anything else.

            Concerning the livestream though? Yeah, the only thing I have to advise is this:

            They should strictly make it staff members/well known artists only, you start letting people in because they give you free shit or donate to you and all you do piss off people like me (And I assume others here) and make us feel worthless, just because we don’t have cash to throw your way or a piece of artwork. Either you let ‘everyone’ in or ‘no one’ in. Don’t have selective standards, cause that’s bullshit.

      • Anonymous

        What? First off streaming a TV show is illegal anyway
        a TV show that was accidentally leaked even more-so
        AND he asked for donations, so it’s like piracy to the nth degree, not only sharing leaked content but making a profit from it… I don’t even know who this guy is but there is no reason not to be “hating” him
        >It was just another example of how great this community can be
        supporting piracy of the content ON WHICH THE COMMUNITY IS BASED is not “great”, if mic is not reprimanded in some way what kind of message will this be sending to hasbro/hub/the people who’ve worked hard to make the show what it is? “Thanks for the great show, oh and fuck you”
        If Mic the microphone had any decency and self-respect he would return the donations at the least and if he was especially compelled he would write a letter of apology to hasbro. He must have known what he was doing was wrong.

  • crazyredemu

    I don’t see what all the drama is about. This happens sometimes, if I had the hub I would still watch it again but I don’t. Also big big things go down in it, I so want to spoil it lol

  • TuxRug

    Having purchased the season pass, the new episode started downloading automatically the moment “Read It And Weep” did. I’m waiting until at least Saturday as well.. as tempting as it is to watch it now…

  • Jordan

    What QD said: Watching a show on your TV to support it is pointless if you don’t have a Nielsen People Meter connected to your TV.

  • QD

    TiVo once tried to get in on the ratings game because they had aggregrate stats on what folks were recording and for which shows they were setting season passes.

    The number one season pass recorded series was Firefly.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    I hate apple, so I’m ok with them getting in trouble.
    I’m not so OK with the leak itself though, since it’s going to ruin it for everyone now.

    Watching the drama unfold on pchan and ponyleaks, as quickly as it could be downloaded, streams then appeared, then uploads after the DRM was gone. And sometime between the streams and the uploads, the spoilers started.

    I have to be honest here. I am surprised that I wasn’t excited about the episode appearing early. But after hearing from one of the staff the level of disappointment in studio that came with the leak of Smile, it’s no wonder.

    Not only does it steal the staff’s thunder, it also (as ^^) will ruin it for the rest of us. You can guarantee even if we avoid /co/, deviantart, ponibooru, etc like the plague, we’re still going to run into spoilers somewhere.
    And it won’t be fun either. It won’t be a little sneak peek like you find in the previews. It’ll be the pivotal point in the plot, or something, and it. will. hurt.

    Me n the other admins of NZbronies have banned discussion outright until sunday (our time), outside of the fact that it’s been leaked simply because this just isn’t bloody cool.

    That said didn’t this happen with WWU as well back in s1? (joined a couple weeks after that aired so bit outta the loop there)

    • Avoiding it, is going to be hard for anyone, that I can agree. Basically if you don’t want anything spoiled outside the official leaks, you might as well turn your computer and phone off until Saturday morning.

      As for the leak, I feel this is different than the others. The disappointment that came from the Smile Smile Smile leak was mainly from Ingram, and for good reason. The Smile leak featured a half finished project that was even recorded at a shit audio quality, and leaked by the overseas studio.

      As for Winter Wrap Up, if I’m not mistaken, that was actually leaked by Ingram himself on his facebook. He got in trouble because he wasn’t suppose to do that, but to me its a major thing when the creator himself is posting it.

      As for this leak, I think the only party that is going to be butthurt is Hasbro themselves (and well the guy at itunes who screwed it up). I don’t see Studio B being disappointed by it, their goal is to make a great show and have people watch it, which despite being early, people are doing.

      I can say there won’t be anything spoiler related on this site until after the episode airs on Saturday (and then of course, it ain’t spoilage). It does suck for those who don’t like opening up their christmas gifts early, but the damage has been done.

    • Fadflamer

      It pretty much exploded over every media front I watch. Granted, I don’t care personally about spoilers, but my sympathies go out to people who do. I know a few people who are holding off on it, but those people are few in numbers.

      On that note, I’m probably going to be up early for work on Saturday anyway, so I can actually watch it without scrambling to screencap the hell out of it.

  • Richfiles

    I Paid $2.99 for it.
    I watched it.
    I found the ripped DRM-free version.
    I downloaded it.
    I watched it again.
    I watched it on Taps’s livestream… Again.
    I watched the 720p file on my computer… again.
    I saw half of it on taps livestream again, until they stopped mid view to discuss the mic the mic thing.

    I watched it 4.5 times…

    I regret nothing.

    I will watch it again on Saturday, AND the whole Mare-a-thon.

    And I will enjoy it a 6th+ time.

    • Fadflamer

      I did the first four, and skipped down to watching it on Saturday, so I can enjoy it without trying to take screencaps.

      I feel obligated to toss some cash Apple’s way once in a blue moon, I guess.

  • Ditzydont

    I bought it on iTunes but I’ll still get up and watch it on Saturday because I enjoy the chat reactions.

    I did like that I watched it when I was lucid for a change instead of being groggy and half-asleep.

  • Anonymous

    22 comments and not one mentioning ‘favoir’.

    • Anonymous

      I did notice that… Actually the whole article is written pretty terribly, lol! It has good information, but DerpySquad should probably fix the spelling errors (It would seem it was typed in a hurry or something, which would explain it).

      What does “Unfortunate iTunes Leaked” even mean, anyways!? :P

  • filledwithsolutions

    Isnt Hasbro going to make way more money off of people who want to see it early downloading it?
    The vast majority of us just watch it off of streams or youtube anyway and anyone actually in the shows demographic will watch it the same way the always watch it.

  • King_Cheetah

    Wow. I bought a copy because I thought it was Hasbro tossing us a Valentines Day present. Oopsie… oh well, I’ll watch it Sat. anyhow.

  • Fadflamer

    Nice job with the reporting on this, and maintaining your stance as a news reporter first and foremost.

  • Lupon

    Just to clear up some stuff about MicTheMicrophone, I actually watched his stream and people shouldn’t blindly jump to conclusions unless they have all the facts. The donations were irrelevant to him streaming the leaked episodes. He always posts his PayPal link for donations and always says there’s absolutely no obligation to donate. Yes, he did make ~$1700 but he’s putting that towards Everfree and bronycon and also to see JackleApp, which means a lot to him. So, it was mainly his dedicated fans helping him out. Just my 2 bits.

  • Lupon

    ^^ Lol, ninja’d by anonymous. XD
    I must have been reading the previous comments while he posted, as well as it being slower to type on my phone.

  • Nyxilis

    I do agree with the unfortunate comment because it will create unfortunate tidings. Generally, if you paid for it proper or had a season pass off of itunes then eh, Apple’s fault and someone there will suffer the consequences of it. The revenue still goes to all the right people.

    Now, posting all the spoilers, art, and streaming the episodes? Sure, this is the internet and it’s there permanently and people will be people but it’s not going to look good. No matter how you will frame it in your own mind that it’s okie dokie… well no. Doesn’t reflect well the the powers that own the reigns.

  • Ditzydont

    If you’re not a Nielsen family you don’t get counted as a viewer anyway. So watching it on the Hub is largely symbolic.

    The only way we can show our support is;

    1. Buy the episode on iTunes

    2. Buy the official toys or merchandise (We Love Fine shirts)

    3. As a group (like 5000 Bronies) we all subscribe to a cable tv or satellite dish service that has The Hub, we make it clear to those cable companies that we’re only getting it because of The Hub, then let the Hub itself know.

    Obviously this is only possible for US Bronies.

  • Adam

    Green Apples We Are Here!!!