She never had to do art for the fanbase, yet she’s one of the best. Now, she’s having a really rough patch in her life. There are no details, speculation is that it’s just a really bad day, and her emotions got the best of her. With English not being her first language the post she last left on FiMChan might not be as dramatic as it came out to be. Either way she is really down in the dumps and there are a lot of friends putting in effort to cheer her up.

Please send your condolences to her deviantart page, or draw her something for the 25th Newbie Artist Training Grounds theme.

She gladly accepted to be part of the judges for the Summer Sun Celebration Art Contest and I have colored her fabulous works before. The staff here had already compiled a gallery of her works here on the site a while ago

I wish I could do more for you Maxie, hope everything is better for you soon.

[Update] She posted this at FiMChan:

I’m sorry if I scared you guys and I’m sorry to the people that I yelled at, I was angry and sad but that don’t give me the right to be bad to you. my situation is bad but somehow I will be ok,I think I just need to rest a little and think of a way to make my situation better. thanks for the support and all the wonderful art, is really helping me right now, you don’t know how much I love you guys.
I will try to keep in contact even if I’m not able to draw as much as before, I’m sorry.

  • Markeith

    I'll doodle up something for her today, hope Maxie feels better soon.

  • Shadowdemon137

    WE LOVE YOU MAXIE!!!! I know you don't know me, but I'm always here if you need someone <3