Cutie Mark Crusaders Gradient Wallpaper by RDbrony16

Cutie Mark Crusaders Gradient Wallpaper by RDbrony16

In this latest episode, they established that there is going to be a Manehattan branch of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. That means that it’s more than just a club now. It’s a movement. Their message is simple – if you have not yet found your destiny – if you feel left out because you’re late to your calling – you are not alone.

The underdog never is.

In Call of the Cutie, it was the feeling of isolation that caused Apple Bloom to despair (more than the actual lack of cutie mark), and in this recent episode, it was very heavily implied that peer support was the one thing that Babs had been lacking back in Manehattan. The Cutie Mark Crusaders has always been an organization that sought to bring blank flanks together. One Bad Apple articulated and refined that point. It’s not just about the quest. It’s about sticking together. It’s about friendship!

Now that the idea is starting to spread across the continent, I see the CMC becoming the Lambda Lambda Lambda of the Equestrian grade school experience. However, as the Cutie Mark Crusader movement comes more sharply into focus, an age old question becomes all the more pertinent – what becomes of a Crusader once they’ve found their cutie mark?

Personally, I like to think that (s)he stays a crusader forever – that, even after (s)he has found the destiny that (s)he personally had been looking for, (s)he makes it a point to stand up for fillies and colts without their cutie marks who may be suffering persecution. Imagine a grown up Apple Bloom devoting at least part of her adult life to counseling troubled children. Imagine a grown up Sweetie Belle organizing a children’s choir. Imagine a grown up Scootaloo teaching young pegasi to fly.

None of us are as alone as we might think, and a Crusader’s work is never done.


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    CMC are BEST Fillies.

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