Beauty Its Own Self

Source: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Season 1, Episode 2


Equestria has its own history – its own mythos, its own culture.
One thing I’ve always loved about brony culture is that we embrace Equestrian traditions and make them our own.

Today is the fandom’s third Summer Sun Celebration. Two years ago, we rejoiced at the opportunity to emulate pony culture – to further develop a cultural identity of our own, to find fun small little ways to remake our fandom in Equestria’s image.

(Admittedly, it was really just one more excuse to be silly and post ponies, but it was still a joyous thing!)

On a personal level, that Summer Sun Celebration inspired me to stop hiding, to give back to the community – to stop putting my music on a private playlist no one would ever know about, and start writing songs about ponies – to start participating even more in the ever-addictive online brony community.

On a fandom level, it begs the question: What do?  How do we celebrate?

Reflection is a good place to start.

The Summer Sun Celebration is about beginnings. The beginning of the show, the beginning of Twilight’s studies on the magic of friendship, the beginning of Luna’s new life outside of her lunar prison and outside of Nightmare Moon, the return of the Elements of Harmony, and the beginning of a new era for the Mane Six and for all of Equestria.

We might not all be able to fill our homes with bronies, put lampshades on our heads and party while we wait for the Sun to come up, but we can still think about our beginnings. We can still reflect on who we are, where we came from, and what made us fall in love with a show about talking ponies in the first place.

We can reflect on the awesomeness of Luna’s release, her plea for forgiveness, Celestia’s joy and compassion, and the sheer beauty of that tearful and loving embrace. We all need as much of that kind of love and positivity in our lives as we can get.

When the Sun comes up (if it hasn’t for you already), even if you don’t do anything particularly wild or remarkable, you can still celebrate with spirit – with pride.

…And with cake. Celestia likes cake.



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  • Anonymous

    A pity every holiday in the second season is human one with a pony name.

  • Happy Summer Sun Celebration!

    I’m like you Spocket. I’m super-late to the party, but I’m doing everything I can to put myself out there more in the community, making songs, making friends, and being productive. Very little to show at this point, but that’s why it’s a new beginning for me. It makes me excited for next year, how far I will have grown, and what sort of new beginnings are there for me then :)

  • Dang it, why so I always hear about these things right *after* it happens?! I totally forgot TLAPD last year, found out about Derpy Hooves Day too late to finish the painting of Derpy I was working on at the time, remembered May the Fourth on May 6th and now I see this post one day after the event.


    Oh, well- happy belated Summer Sun Celebration, everypony.

  • Happy (late) Summer Sun Celebration! For me, pony holidays means CAKE! Each pony holiday, and there are quite a few, I take a cake to work to share and a bunch of pony merch to give away. Click “Frith”, above, and scroll down to June 21st to see the cake I had made this time. ^_^ If you want cake, you have to make it happen, so I do. Next holiday is Rarity’s Harmony Day, Generosity (her element). Back in 2011 someone suggested giving each Element a holiday in turn, on the 6th day of an even-numbered month. Rarity is 4th Element to be named, so August 6th it is. There will be cake! And bling. And probably ribbons.

  • Cheerilee1980

    Happy Summer Sun Celebration!