Source: A Friend in Deed.  Original Airdate: 2/18/2012

Source: A Friend in Deed. Original Airdate: 2/18/2012

Three years ago today, A Friend in Deed aired for the first time.  While Pinkie Pie’s drive to spread laughter and good cheer was always intense, and her motivations always clear, it wasn’t until A Friend in Deed aired that these ideas consolidated into a practical philosophy.  I’m talking about Smile, of course – the song that demonstrates that spreading good cheer can actually be a lifestyle.

To commemorate the anniversary of this fan favorite, let’s do something a little different.
The Smile Challenge:
Make one person – just one person – smile today.   You can do more, of course.  Extra points if you do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do: strike up a conversation with someone at a bus stop; compliment a stranger on their backpack or their shoes; put yourself out there and help somebody – the sort of thing that crosses your mind sometimes, but you don’t ordinarily do because, for whatever reason, you end up holding back.  It can be anything, really, so long as it involves a little extra effort.  The point is to go for that smile!
Now some of us deal with social anxiety, and some of us are just plain more introverted than others.  Not everyone is a social butterfly, and no one on earth is as outgoing as Pinkie Pie, but that doesn’t have to stop us.  Regardless of whether it just involves calling up a friend to tell him/her a joke you heard, or breaking into a three-and-a-half minute song about the importance of spreading good cheer to your fellow man, (and getting your entire hometown to spontaneously sing it with you), we can all do a little something extra to make someone – anyone- smile today.
And that’s what The Smile Challenge is.
Both we at Derpy Hooves News and the fine folks at Equestria Daily have been coordinating this, (special thanks to Calpain) and we are hoping to make this a fandom-wide thing.  So give a smile.  Get a smile.  Come back and tell us how it went – how it made you feel.
I beta tested it just the other day, and I’ve got to tell you, Pinkie is on to something.  It made me feel like a million bits!  It made me wish that every day could be The Smile Challenge.   And maybe it can!
Give it a shot.
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Or FimFiction:

    Nine pm UTC is a bit of a late start… Well let’s see, I did run errands today, who smiled? The people at the cash registers, but that could be considered as part of their job. At the feed co-op, while discussing horse feed, what got the biggest smile was explaining that the elephants share their supply of feed with rhinos and hippos which is why they seem to go through so much. And I got another broad smile when I turned in my land-use form at City Hall, probably because I had no complaints. And random people smiled at me when I avoided getting in their way. Yep, saw lots of teeth today. Didn’t get bit once.

  • Hmmmm, that was yesterday…. It’s 2pm THursday now, oh well. But I will still do it!

  • OfficeBronie

    I work at an office supply store, as such a lot of parents drag their kids with them. Far more often then you would think the kids hurt themselves with the displays. Staplers, Sharpeners, Desks, and so on.
    As an avid fan of blind bag goods I tend to have several extras. As a pony and Lego fan I tend to buy several blind bags each pay check. I leave an extra pony and lego man in the first aid kit. That way the kid can pick which one they would like to take with them.
    When ever this happens they almost always stop the waterworks and smile ear to ear. Even had one little girl bring in a Pinkie Pie she had extra of to thank me for the pony.

    I know it wasn’t on your smile day, but it is pony related.