As we approach season 2 and have been talking about here for the past few weeks, this site is due for an upgrade and an update, but of course the more hooves the better.  The first thing is very easy and everyone can do it…
Links – The link menu on the left side is what drew everyone to this site originally, as it became a gateway and central point of all FiM related sites to be listed, and of course news, especially when EqD was just starting.  If there is a pony site, be it a website, youtube channel, game, etc that does not appear in our link menu, then post it in the comment section so it can be added.  We’ll also be re-organizing the link menu.
Graphical Brony – Looking for someone with graphical skills to do a few things with the site.  This probably would include the background design, along with stuff like image links and general design.  I’m good but there are more who are better and will make this site look awesome.  You contact me via the submit page.
Thanks ya’ll.