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Over on Entertainment Earth there’s several listings for holiday ornaments. Some are multipacks and others are single packs.

2The only images available are mockups, which are used for very early prototyping.

3The final results might be quite different from what you will receive when they ship out in November. They’re $5 for a single ornament and $15 for the four pack.

Source: [EqD, EqD]



  • Anonymous

    I’d much rather prefer that they make figure ornaments like the Pinkie Pie one instead of graphic globes.
    Plus they look tacky with the lousy default show vectors, but they’re just prototypes so they might change.

  • Anonymous

    there’s no “prototypes” with hasbro , also twilicorn instead of regular twilight.. yuck

  • Anonymous

    Finding merch without Twicorn on it is going to be impossible now isn’t it? Worst part is she automatically overshadows everybody else due to the fact she has to “show off” her wingspan to let everybody know she’s special.