Seems Hot Topic is pondering making a Hello Kitty or Derpy Hooves plushie. Oy vay.

[Source: Hot Topic FB] & JunkJunk for sending it in.

  • Anonymous

    There is no Debate Derpy must win! >:l

  • Supertide

    There are more than enough Hello Kitty plushies out there.

  • Gage Scratch

    It’s no contest. It’s Ditzy Doo plushie all the way. Seriously, do we really need more Hello Kitty stuff? I’m surprised that show hasn’t been revamped yet.

  • Anonymous

    Hot Topic ruins everything. Let them continue on with Hello Kitty.

  • anon

    As much as I’d love a Derpy plush… every plush I’ve ever bought from HT has fallen to pieces on the trip home from the mall. :/

    I’d rather have something a little sturdier.