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GIANT MUFFIN by *EpicOswald88

GIANT MUFFIN by *EpicOswald88

So we’ve been WordPressing for just about 10 days now, just wanna run a simple survey to get some feedback on the new site so far.
Feel free to toss out any thoughts you’ve got in the comments, whether it’s about the site design, functionality, muffin-to-bubble ratio, etc.
This goes out to the staff too, although you can just yell at me in the newsroom. :v

dont worry, i dont get plothurt

– Spazz

(FWIW I am aware that most of the DHS posts are attributed to me, I’m still working on mapping them to the original authors.)


I’m also interested in anything you guys would like to see article wise, we’re trying to do the Tumblr Digests once a week, going to do an Artwork gallery each week, got the “episode aftershock” gallery, and so forth.

– Derpysquad

  • quite good. not as much content as Equestria Daily, but still an excellent source of pony news!

  • KouThan

    I really like the new Word Press site, but I think that the whole design needs a little more contrast. It is just way too much gray, in my opinion.

  • This site still does what it does best: provide an alternative source of pony news :)

    Could a poll help you seek feedback?

  • > take a nap, wake up to suggestion box.

    Hehe, I say that cause last time we ended up in some weird ass 50 comment discussion that wasn’t related to the site in general.

    Content wise I’m working on, we’ll never post as much as EqD does, but we can definitely post a little more than we have in the past several weeks. One big difference is EqD has everything submitted to itself, and I gotta go find stuff for myself. We get maybe 1 submission a day, if I’m lucky.

  • Anonymous

    I like coming here because it irons out all the major news. It’s hard navigating EqD with all the stuff that clutters it.

  • Trollestia5K

    I’m getting used to it. It’s a good format overall, though there’s an overwhelming amount of links over there on the left.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Liking it. Especially the whole ‘no more two pages in one’ thing we had with the frame before.

  • Anonymous

    I like what it is, a source of news without wading through all the bullshit that the other sites have, its pretty good right now imo

  • A Commenter

    It’s pretty good, no complaint’s here.

    My only issue is any chance of getting the tumblr section back in the sidebar?

  • RoboPlop

    One of the nice things about the WordPress site is that it’s a lot more mobile friendly. As much as I liked the little Derpy on my desktop version, whenever she was on my ipod, there was a chance Safari would crash pn me.
    Other than that, I’m relieved there’s center frame anymore, and news stories never disappoint. I have yet to visit DHS, so no comments there yet.
    Keep it up Bronies. This is my first stop for all news pony.

  • Well good, sounds like we’re still on track post wise, I’ve been worried its been a touch too slow this past month, but holidays and lack of actual news doesn’t help either.

    @Trollestia5k: Funny cause I’ve been thinking the same thing about the links, much of them could go into a link page and then just keep the ‘important’ ones.

    @RoboPlop: DHS looks to be offline atm, in general its going to be a duplicate of this page, since both sites are more or less connected. Basic idea as we said, DHS is where we can post up all the things we’d like to post from the fandom, while leaving DHN purely for news. I’m trying to get some indepth articles going, like Poetical’s one about pony history, along with a daily post or two.

    Color wise, maybe try a color background, though I like the grey, its simple, its not too bright and not a ‘total blackness’ or ‘blinding white and sterile’ look. Also keep in mind, its all shades of Derp.

    I do thank you guys for the input, my door is always open for suggestions, complaints, hurled bricks, etc.

  • Trollestia5K

    One more thing: the “Episodes” links on the right all end up on a dead page when you click them.