Flying low by Asimos

A little late on this one but it seems two new backgrounds have appeared over on HubWorld for ponies that may or may not reveal new locations in the upcoming new season. Since many people are on high spoiler alert, everything is behind the page break.

[Source: EqD]

The two backgrounds which have appeared shows two different locations that we have never seen. The night picture seems to show something that could very well be a castle or cathedral, while the second shows a cliff top village that matches the same architecture as Ponyville. As pointed out by Equestria Daily this second image could very well be a location called “Rainbow Falls”, which has only been hinted at via a new pony book due out in 2014 called Welcome to Rainbow Falls. It is also possible that the location is Windsome (Winsome?) Falls, another location we have yet to see. Only time will tell.

  • Bubblegum

    I’m guessing the first is of the ancient castle seen in the pilot, perhaps in the past before it became a ruin (hence the complete bridge, and the fact that the castle itself is standing maginficantly :P)
    I really like the design of Rainbow Falls