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Seems a new flash game has popped on the Hubworld website, this time featuring none other than Twilight Sparkle.  As you might expect, this game has you forming words with the tiles on the screen, with cursed tiles that will cause a game over if they get to the bottom of the screen showing up eventually.  Inexplicably, the BGM appears to be based on The Perfect Stallion.  Click here or the above image for the game page if you’re in the mood to play.

  • Anonymous

    This game has one bizarre dictionary.

    “Tet” and “Pax” count, but “Lana” and “Ron” don’t? Wha….?

  • agi

    A good game but it disappeared from hubworld! where did it go?? My son was enjoying playing this, I even pitched in once in a while.

  • i love fun thinghs.

  • i like the game rainbow dash attack and you.

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  • the twilight sparkle is pony favorite and game s magical mysteries i love the toys my little pony