Midtown Comics Variant

Jetpack / Larry’s Comics Variant

Double Midnight Variant

Well we’ve kind of gotten behind on IDW’s MLP:FiM Comics, especially when it comes to the sea of different covers that are being offered by different shops and outlets on the internet. Thankfully we’ve begun to put these together in our new sub-page The Comic Shop. Currently Issue 1 has the most coming in with about 20 different covers, most of them available. Issue 2 is set to have at least 4 exclusive covers (seen above) along with 3 regular covers. Might be a touch confusing to some, but hopefully we’ll have it wrapped up by the time the first issue drops on 11/28/2012. Below is where you can pre-order the Issue 2 variable covers from their respective shops.

Also someone has set up an MLPComic.Wikia.com which includes a gallery (found here) of all the covers known so far.

And last we’re looking for information about how people in Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia can get a hold of these comics, such as various online shops, local shops, etc. You can toss us information via [email protected]

  • I read something earlier today saying something about being mad that there are 2 cakes on a table.

    But that’s inaccurate. There are 27 cakes on this table, and only 6 within arms reach.


  • Thanks for the links towards the Wikia! I one of the people that is working on it. It’s been hard work trying figure out how to work wiki pages, but I hope that I can do it justice!

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    I really want to buy a Version with the Doctor but Paypal isn’t working for me… WHY? Q.Q