Issue #2

Issue #1 Double Midnight Comics

Well these comics are getting hard to track, especially since there is currently 20+ variable covers being produced for Issue #1. Seems this is going to be a trend for at least the first several comics, as pre-ordering for Issue #2 has begun. If you are a collector then I’ll wish you luck, as I’m not sure how hard it will be to obtain all the different cover versions, though we will be working in the next few weeks to bring you links to online stores and outlets that are taking orders.

As for Issue #2, we found one site setup for pre-orders, which also pre-ordering available for the Issue 1 Box Set, Issue 1 itself and Issue 1 Subscription Varient.

Issue #2 can be pre-ordered here for $2.59 USD and has a shipping date of December 19th. Keep in mind this date may change due to the sheer volume of orders companies have received, this site still has the first issue due out for November 14th, but it has been confirmed that Issue 1 will not ship until the 28th. Of course we’ll keep you informed.

Kerzyte of the IDW Forums has also provided a list of the variant covers for both Issue #1 and Issue #2, at some point pictures will be provided. We are also collecting them for our own article at some point in the future.

  • Issue #1 
  • 01. MLP: FIM #1 (CVR A) [Twilight Sparkle]
  • 02. MLP: FIM #1 (CVR B) [Applejack]
  • 03. MLP: FIM #1 (CVR C) [Pinkie Pie]
  • 04. MLP: FIM #1 (CVR D) [RUMORED: Rainbow Dash]
  • 05. MLP: FIM #1 (CVR E) [RUMORED: Rarity]
  • 06. MLP: FIM #1 (CVR F) [RUMORED: Fluttershy]
  • 07. MLP: FIM #1 10 Copy Incentive (CVR RI)
  • 08. MLP: FIM #1 Subscription Variant
  • 09. MLP: FIM #1 Midtown Comics Variant (CVR RE)
  • 10. MLP: FIM #1 Third Eye Comics Variant (CVR RE)
  • 11. MLP: FIM #1 Lone Star Comics Variant (CVR RE)
  • 12. MLP: FIM #1 Hastings Variant (CVR RE)
  • 13. MLP: FIM #1 Double Midnight Comics Variant (CVR RE)
  • 14. MLP: FIM #1 Dynamic Forces Variant
  • 15. MLP: FIM #1 Wonderworld Comics Variant
  • 16. MLP: FIM #1 Larry’s Comics Variant
  • 17. MLP: FIM #1 Jetpack Comics Variant
  • 18. MLP: FIM #1 Joint Larry’s and Jetpack Variant
  • 19. MLP: FIM #1 {Secret Mystery Variant}
  • 00. MLP: FIM #1 Complete Box Set [CVR A-F]
  • Issue #2
  • 01. MLP: FIM #2 (CVR A) [Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy]
  • 02. MLP: FIM #2 (CVR B)
  • 03. MLP: FIM #2 (CVR C)
  • 04. MLP: FIM #2 10 Copy Incentive
  • 05. MLP: FIM #2 25 Copy Incentive
  • 06. MLP: FIM #2 50 Copy Incentive {(NET) (C:} [RUMORED]
  • 07. MLP: FIM #2 Retailer Exclusive Variant 1
  • 08. MLP: FIM #2 Retailer Exclusive Variant 2
  • Citrus Rain


    …I officially surrender. That’s just ridiculous. I’m getting the first 6. I’m getting the Midtown Comics Derpy one. And I’m getting one that I will actually open from the local comic shop that I visited to set up my pull list.

    I thought there was only the subscription one (which I could not figure out how to get) and as of the other day when the Dash on a snowboard one, I knew of that.

    When I found out the second issue had 3 covers, I thought… well, that’s not so bad.

  • Brendan Danieli

    That’s just too many variants…

    I’m gonna stick with the first 6 box set and the Derpy cover.

  • Kaynin

    Just WHERE can i get some of these?! I Cant find the
    Lone Star
    Larry’s Comics
    Jetpack Comics
    Joint Larry’s and Jetpack

    I want ALL DA PONIES!

  • Wlah

    Does anyone know if the comics will be released digitally as well?