IDW’s My Little Pony Issue #2 Hits Shelves Today

After a short delay due to some strikes at the publishing facilities, Issue #2 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book series written by Katie Cook, drawn by Andy Price and colored by Heather Breckel hits the shelves in both the physical and digital world today. Some people have already read the comic due to an error by Nook’s online services, who apparently did not get the notice of the delay, and accidentally published the digital version on the original date. They of course pulled the digital copies from their virtual shelves.

In this issue of the comic the Mane 6 continue their quest towards the changling’s den to have a good old show down with Queen Chrysalias, since she is current in possession of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Of course we will not spoil the events, with the exception of the above image.

Comics can be picked up at….

And of course many many shops across the nation.

Much like the first issue there is of course multiple covers available, including 3 official from IDW and than the many variants available through various publishers and distributors. Many of them can be seen over at the MLPComics Wikia cover gallery.

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