Ask Dr. Science - Image 1 by SeismicNewton

Ask Dr. Science – Image 1 by SeismicNewton

On Monday, November 5, season 2 is going to premiere in Germany—but don’t be surprised if you hear Meghan McCarthy’s brilliant writing rather than M.A. Larson’s pugilistic (and also brilliant) overtones:

Some German fans are a tad discombobulated as to why Nickelodeon would broadcast the season 2 finale first, and only then the remaining 24 episodes. Did Viacom derp again? No, as it turns out. Our reporter and reviewer Weatherhoof has inquired with them, and lo and behold, they’re just following orders from Hasbro!

Ergo, no use in pointing out the wacky order to them, but feel free to use the comment section for wild speculations as to why Hasbro would require such an odd thing.

  • Princess Trollesria

    The season finale is fine to show first as it doesnt really disrupt time flow in equestria, with the exception of them not saying anything later. most of the shows can be watched with almost no prior knowledge of the other episodes. as most jokes don’t ever come back up. to a person who is brand new to the show wouldn’t know any better and it would still work out the same

  • My bet is that they are airing it first because it provides the context to all the wedding themed toys they’ve released, and thus helps them sell more toys.

  • Yup.

    I agree with sparklepeep. They’ve been pushing the wedding toys like mad in the UK (and I assume the same thing has gone on in Europe) so its logical, sort of, that they’ll be showing the final episodes of the series first before continuing with the rest.

  • Today is premiering S2 in Italy, and it’s happening the same thing. We’re a bit confused, but like others said I suppose that makes sense for selling Royal Wedding toys.
    Oh, Hasbro!

    • Ponytime

      @ Auster
      On which channel does it air? Italia 1 doesn’t seem to air it today…

  • 404compliant

    The episode is toy-relevant, and that way they can air it twice before Christmas, fist time on 2012-11-05/06, second time at 2012-12-11/12. Its all about marketing.