Interview with Producer and Director of BronyCon Documentary

WHATP - Lily by DraikJack

WHATP - Lily by DraikJack

As you will know from DerpySquad’s latest Convention News, the goal for the BronyCon Documentary Kickstarter has been upped to $270,000 to raise funds for trips to BUCK in UK, and the Grand Galloping Gala, alias Galacon, in Germany.

Very timelily (hence the image, but I guess one of Ponyville’s botanist and literary connoisseur together with Dr. Whooves would’ve been better), Celestia Radio has published an interview with Producer Michael Brockhoff and Director Laurent Malaquais. It’s not even three hours long, so have a listen after the break.

If you like your interviews even shorter, the second video after the break is DustyKatt’s interview with the duo. Not even two hours! Enjoy!


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