Interview: Woodlore

Gift-Woodlore by CarnivorousCaribou

Gift-Woodlore by CarnivorousCaribou


The hiatus can be hard on us all. Without new content to inspire it can be hard for some artists to crank out new content. On the other hand it is a great time for new talent to arise and fill the gap with the seasonal regulars. Recently I had the pleasure to sit down and interview one such rising talent over Skype to get some light insight into why he decided to make music in a genre we don’t see too often in this fandom.


So lets start with the basics. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m WoodLore! I’m a 21 year old musician here in the fandom, and I program video games for a living.

And make bluegrass right? Bluegrass is a genre we don’t see like at all in this fandom, so what made you decide to change this?

Bluegrass and folk has just always been the type of music I’ve been interested in. It’s what I like to listen to, and it’s what I like make. And I wanted to try to start putting out pony content, so bluegrass it was.

What musicians do you draw your inspiration from?

The artists I look up to the most are The Decemberists, Damien Rice, Alison Krauss and Union Station, John Denver, and Fleet Foxes.

Have you recorded anything outside the fandom that fans could find if they want more of your music be it pony or no?

Not at all. I’ve been songwriting for a while, but I never recorded anything. I always just kept my music to myself. So my pony music is the only music I’ve ever produced. I had zero experience in music production when I started doing this. So it took a whole lot of Youtube tutorials and trial and error to figure out how make music that sounds any good.

Well take it from me, you have the ear of a sound engineer. It is not often that a beginner to recording can produce such polished tracks. What is your recording set up/process?

This is all about to change for the better, but here’s what I’ve worked with so far. I do all my mixing on a tiny little laptop, but that laptop isn’t powerful enough for me to record into it. So to record, I have this old external digital recording board called a Boss BR-1600. So every time I want to record in a track, I have to spend ten minutes exporting my current mix to the board, then record, and then spend ten minutes importing the track I recorded back to my laptop. It takes forever and it’s terrible. But fortunately, just yesterday I finished building a good PC, so hopefully that frustration is behind me. I use a cheap Samson C01 condenser microphone, and I use FL Studio 11 for production.

Got any high ambitions for this new set-up? Anything like say, an album?

My ambition for my new setup is just to hopefully produce higher quality music at a faster rate. I have no immediate plans of making an album. I think making an album makes a lot of sense for a musician who’s interested in making some money from their music. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m not really trying to make money doing thins, so I’ll stick with the singles for now. If I were to ever make an album, it would be an acoustic cover album of all my favorite songs from the fandom. There are obviously some fantastic songs here that I really want to try my hand at.

Woodlore’s Youtube 

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