had to add this one for good measure. by John Joseco

Screwball! This pony showed up in the newest episode. someone on the dA comments mentioned that she is probably Derpy’s cousin, by marriage.

Im ok with this. I’ll end up posting whatever art is made of her in future news posts along with Derpy, maybe. The reception on her is positive so far!
I totally bet all the screwball url’s are all bought up too. Oh well. (Oh, most definetly do NOT go to Unless you are over 18.)

  • Spazz

    I dunno, I'm afraid this will just start another Celestial Empire vs Lunar Republic.

    Muffin Monarchy forever.

  • plaster

    you fool! that's why we make peace ASAP!

  • Anonymous

    hopefully this'll give something for all of the DERPY IS DROOLING RETARD faggots to go gush over

    then only the good derpy fans are left behind!