416 – “It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies”

Written by Natasha Levinger
“Fluttershy takes action to rescue a group of magical Breezies, who’re in need of some assistance while migrating home, but she begins to wander[sic] how long she can help them when she finds herself answering to the tiny creatures’ every whim.”
DN Rating: TBA

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  • And the moral is? If you’re usually kind and understanding, people will listen to you more when you shout than than if you are always grouchy and critical? Or that not every baby bird in the bush is abandoned and in dire straits, regardless of how hard they beg? Most times it’s better to put the “orphaned” bird back where you found it so it can get back living properly.

    Well, this episode wasn’t what I was expecting. It probably helped that I avoided most of the spoilers. 8^)

    What’s become of the DailyMotion links?

    • We haven’t been posting too many video links in the past couple of weeks mainly due to our in-house video becoming available before links for YT/DM appear on the radar. I usually have stuff to do on Saturday, so once we got a good quality video going (be it DTV or YT/DM) I usually check out for the rest of the afternoon. If you’re a fan of using them, I’ll make sure we include them next weekend.

  • Aponymous

    Wasn’t what I was expecting either (especially that part towards the end) and I have no idea what became of the dailymotion links. I feel as if I’m the only one who still checks on Monday (and the rest of the week) on the hub network’s own website. With that said here’s the link directly from the hubnetwork-world site (as of…I think 1-2pm or so EST : http://www.hubnetwork.com/shows/my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic/videos/it-aint-easy-being-breezies-full-episode-episode-16-season-4

    no mention of the schedule change? oh well,belated Happy Derpy Day and to anyone else reading this,feel free to check your local listings but seems to be 3 hours during the week,2 hours Saturdays (including 30 mins for a new episode) and an hour on Sundays. Also there’s a Pet-jet Mare-a-thon…erm marathon this sunday of LPS too.


    • @A Pony Mous: Thanks for the link, but the Hub video is region-locked, it only gives me a black screen. I spent time playing the Twilight word game instead. 8^D

  • Hungergames1fan

    I just want to know, who is the black pony in the beginning that is sorta like thunderlane, but if don’t know his name. Who can tell me his name? But I do know that his name isn’t thunderlane.