It begins.

Apparently at least one scene of Season 2 was leaked on a promo commercial this morning on the HUB.  It only features ponies for about 2 seconds, the first scene of Twilight (see EqD’s image) and then the second scene above.  People of course are jumping at the “20% cooler”, but its been obvious for months that the HUB is well aware of us.

What I take from the scene is what you can see.  From the looks its Celestia walking/marching down a main corridor of Canterlot, from the split second of video before the 20% pop ups, I can see at least Rarity (and probably the mane cast) walking with Celestia.

Random non-meaningful scene from Season 2?

Or epic march to war.

Link to the delicious video

  • Michael C

    The pony stuff is teh awesum, no doubt about that, but I'm personally jazzed about something else in this commercial, namely THE AQUABATS SUPER SHOW!

  • Anonymous

    I need a password :(

  • Azardea

    Look, it's not only Rarity next to Celestia!
    You can also see Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie! :D No sign of Rainbow Dash and Twilight, though…

  • JackiePie

    The Hub may be aware of us, but it seems Hasbro acts like we don't exist.

  • LosthopeOfDusk