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Episode 20: “It’s About Time” Teaser Clip. Episode Airs this Saturday at 1pm EST

  • Zaehlas

    Heh, it feels like the avoiding the Fallout: Equestria idea is starting to take form!

  • Seapony Maid Bonbon

    Star Swirl has his own wing now. That’s a big promotion from having just a shelf back on Nightmare Night.

  • Caos

    oh my god, oh my god… i can´t believe this! in the future twiligth use´s clote´s D:

  • My first reaction when seeing Future Twilight’s costume was “…holy shit…”

    To emulate all this, assuming you can’t change the past no matter how hard you try, Twilight would have to:

    1. Get a gray leather costume
    2. Get in a fight and have her right eye get destroyed somehow
    3. Get blown up (I think)

    This’ll probably take some real skill to fit all this in a children’s show.

    • Anonymouse

      On top of this, she has to do all that BY NEXT TUESDAY. What the heck.

  • I am the terminator pony. Come with me if you want to live Twilight Sparkle.

  • King_Cheetah

    I have a theory on what this is all about, but no spoilers from me. I WILL however say that all of the scars and whatnot on Tuesday-Twilight will turn out to be less severe than they first appear.

  • SurfPenguin

    Hee hee, this looks like way too much fun.

    My money says that between now and next Tuesday she gets talked into being a character in a movie (hence the costume) that will be a total bomb, and she goes back in time to herself out of it…

  • Mason

    My excitement sure has increased. Can’t wait.

  • Looks like twilight is in for a doozy of a weekend.