Jon Joseco, took it from his tumblr

After all the hubbub of takedowns and c&d’s, I thought it would be a nice gesture to point out that iTunes has the entire first season for $39.99 for HD and $29.99 for standard defintion by their standards.

Of course as someone pointed out this is an issue for those outside of the USA, hate itunes/apple or not using a supported operating system.

I certainly hope that this storm blows over quickly and quietly so we can all carry on like we have for the past year.. although I have my doubts that it will ever be the same.

[Whoops, forgot my store link]

  • Desert Rose

    US and Canada only
    Cant buy pony eps here in the EU/Rest of World

  • plaster

    i mentioned that, that kinda sucks. I wish i had an alternative for you guys

  • Alpha Omega

    Buy a Itunes card from the US , use a friends address… get US Itunes deals even though am in Australia…. Problem solved.

  • plaster

    …someone should set up a service like that

  • Shaun

    There's still Torrents and 4chan's /rs/ boards have all episodes in any format/definition you please. We'll be fine

  • SnowFox

    It's a nice deal for those who can and don't mind iTunes actually.

    Me, while I use iTunes for my iPod (I buy music from Amazon MP3, not iTunes), I don't like their video. It's too restrictive to me. I have authorize PCs and the limit is 5 (I don't have 5 PCs, but what if it breaks and I can't deauthorize), only works on PC or iPod, no other player (how Apple locks you in), and can't be burned to DVD for playback on TV.

    I'm gonna stick with the Hub's site, the 2-episode Target DVD, and wait for the new DVD in February. It's not a whole season, but it's better than having iTunes restricted versions.

    I think of it this way, why pay for a version that works on one brand of player, when I could have something that works on any DVD player by any brand.

    Besides, I welcome DVDs, even if they are small 5-episode volumes as I have no cable, and usually watch at Hub's website.