Fluttershyby *Celebi-Yoshi

by *Celebi-Yoshi

New preview pages for the upcoming issue of IDW’s My Little Pony Comics, issue 4 which is due out around March 6th. Keep in mind the last two issues have been delayed due to printing issues or worker strikes. I do believe someone said that we should pretty much just expect the comic at the end of each month, which wouldn’t be bad at all. These preview images pop up on iTunes such as today’s which can be found here.

Preview after the page break. Thanks to the Round Stable for the heads up.

  • PCP2443

    Previews for Issue #4 and #3 isn’t even out for another 2 weeks, and this ones not out for another 5-6 weeks… Oh Pony comics, why must you tease this poor comic nerd so!!? XD.