We never really reported on the whole Jerry Springer thing, mainly because it was nothing more than the now very old show putting a casting call out for people from the fandom. Of course everyone said hell no, but still the show manage to find at least two people. Could very well be two paid actors, its television, don’t take it seriously (especially when it comes to Jerry Springer). Their official YouTube posted a 2 minute set of clips, video after the page break.

  • Pickapok

    They seem too stereotypical to not be paid actors. Still, the video itself is pretty neutral and doesn’t really portray bronies in a negative light.

    Their fashion sense on the other hand…

    • another anon

      Yes they, portray bronies in a negative light. except for that part where they say that bronies like to dress up as a character from the show and act as them…

      i would not hang up on this if they had said that a small portion do this, but they didn’t…

  • anon36426

    Yeah, those are definitely paid actors. RD is not a unicorn and she doesn’t wear goggles (all the time), and she seems to be clueless to all the negative press bronies have gotten in the past…”I don’t know what they’re afraid of”, of course you don’t, you’re a paid actor, not a brony.

  • Tecuani

    Oh my… It is hard to imagine that there are actually people who seriously enjoy stuff like that – and some of them all day long.

    Well, the fake could not really be more obvious.

  • another anon

    These two are not Bronys!

    FIrst of all, I have only seen this short clip!
    wit that out of the way, no one would be stupid enough to freely be on jerry springer! and no one would be stupid enough to go dressed as a pony! no one….

    and they did not answer the questions. all they said was that Brony meetup, dressed as ponies and acts as them….

    and the girl, if she is supposed to be dressed as RD, she would know that RD has no freaking HORN!

    when the guy walk in i burst out laughing! Now i was convinced that they were paid for this!

  • Anonymous

    It’s so obvious it’s an actor… or a meth addict that needed some extra cash, so they grabbed some random things from their closet and then headed out to the casting call.

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard to believe the Jerry Springer Show used to be a legit talk show with guests like Jesse Jackson.

    But I guess that doesn’t get the butts in the seats anymore.

  • Citrus Rain

    Problem is though that, people won’t know these are fakes at all. We might, but…

    Yeah… When is the full episode showing? I need to know when to brace myself.

  • Supertide

    Jerry Springer is still a thing?

  • Devin hagan

    Wow jerry is really desperate for ratings

    This is probably why most of society looks down on bronies…

    And uhhhh yea that’s a horn , do some research Jerry

    • Anonymous

      >most of society

      Yeah, no.
      Don’t let the amount of rustled jimmies on the Internet, where people can be angry at anything, cloud your judgement.

  • Tim
    • EquestriaGuy

      you guys were great, thanks for the video. I’ll make sure people see this.

  • Pandela

    I agree with Anon36426. Obviously these are paid actors, and the producers likely used Bronies to get more views on their show. Mostly because Bronies are quite popular right now.

  • NamelessFaceless

    We need to hunt these fucks down and expose them for the frauds they are, how much did these jack asses get payed,to sew disinfo and hate regarding the bronie comunity.
    this will most defently have a negative impact on a community that is already the punching bag for most of society.

    being stereotyped as perverts,pedophiles,bestiality lovers. is already a HUGE problem for us, this will make it worse.

    all we can do is hope like hell that no one actually watchs Springer seriously anymore..or we could be in some trouble.

    This is social manipulation at an unprecedented level,right up there with government disinfo agents and video game companeys that pay trolls to fanboy(basically what this episode is)

    • Articulous

      u mad

  • ML

    I know these guys personally. Tim is an aspiring poet and standup comedian. He jokes around a lot, but has often said to me that the only things he’s ever taken seriously is the West Memphis Three and My Little Ponies. I believe he’s a brony. I believe he loves Pinky Pie.

    • Tangle

      Loves Pinkie Pie as in “found a mcdonalds figurine and kind of liked it”.