John de Lancie at Fan Expo Vancouver 2012

John de Lancie is one of the guests at the Fan Expo Vancouver this weekend. Yesterday, he held a Q & A, where he answered a number of questions about his reprise as Discord.

A question about whether he would return as Discord or as another character, he answered rather ambiguously with “I am.” About a minute later, he went into more detail: “It’s strange to me that doing the voice on one episode, or two episodes or whatever it was, on a cartoon could garner so much interest. So that said, I did a rather big story line part a couple of months ago I think. I have no idea what their lag time is between that and you seeing it, but there’s more to come.”

He also points out that even though he is best known for his role as Q, he is approaching and playing his many other roles has John de Lancie, not as Q. In the case of My Little Pony, the producers (and in particular still Lauren Faust at the time) “actually wanted a Q-like character.” “But understand, I didn’t know that. I looked at the material … and I did it as Discord. I didn’t do it as Q doing Discord. It’s you in the audience who make those types of connections; it’s not the actor usually.”

[Thanks to Lazlovision and EqD]

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