First Alpha Brony and Five Iron of Brony Time interviewed the writer of the (sort of) upcoming episode “Castle Mane-ia” and talked about his process of breaking into the animation writing business, the importance of good contacts but also of consistent practice; discussed the development process on the show from the writers’ perspective; gleaned some insight into the constraints that Hasbro set up in advance for the writers of a new season and their creative ways of weaving their stories around them; the experience of Josh as a parent of a child in the target demographic who coviewed the premiere with his child; and a lot more.

Thereafter they join a panel discussion with Natasha Levinger that doesn’t go quite as much in depth, probably because her episode (the one with the “Apples to the Core” song) hasn’t aired yet. The discussion is lively and entertaining, however, so put the apple pie in the oven and dive into this hour and half of yummy interviews!

  • Anonymous

    Josh and Natasha were great interview guests!