Journal: William Anderson – Spotting (Finale Confirmed for 2 Parter)

this morning i spot mlp 225 with wootie. spotting is when you go through the locked print frame by frame, scene by scene, and discuss the role of the music in the show.

like, this scene needs to feel sad, or, i want a big hairy rock theme for this drafon, etc.

sometimes there will be “temp” music in the dub, an example of what the director thinks is appropriate for the scene.

it is a conversation. i will say when i think when something is wrong, or right, and sometimes i have ideas about what might be fun to do. sometimes wootie will ask me what to do. sometimes i will disagree with a temp music choice.

when all is said and done, the director makes the call. we don’t argue or fight about anything, this show is great to work on. but if i said this needs to be green, and wootie said i see it as red, well, we go with red.

and i respect the choice of the director always. and i think it is important to keep a positive attitude in the creation of the music always. if you do something with a shitty attitude it vibes out the music. writing is fun, even if you think a scene could have been approached differently.

we get it all down on paper by referencing the windowburn time code that is part of my work dub. tc is a visual reference of where you are. 00:00:00 is the beginning, minutes, seconds and frames. there are 23.976 frames in every second. so, basically 24 frames a second.

so spotting notes might be something like this

00:00:00 – 00:30:14 – establishing cue with a happy vibe in, then tails out until spike smiles. mark spike’s smile and then go out.

and we put that map together for the whole show. do skype the conversation cuz he is in vancouver and i am in lala land.

but spotting is subjective and when you talk about it it is different than when you do it, so, like with wootie, his vibe is like, you know what wiil, if the show takes you someplace else than what we talked abput, rock on!

i hope this doesn’t take the magic out! i thought it might be interesting to you!


A day in the life of a composer for MLP:FiM. According to Equestria Daily’s post (seems Anderson probably emailed them directly), its confirmed through him that the finale will be a two parter and of course include a song.

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