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This came over the news ticker yesterday but I didn’t bother to check into it until today. Know Your Meme conducted a survey of the pony community. The survey polled various aspects of the community ranging from age, gender, religion and of course the show itself, such as favorite/least favorite episodes, characters and aspects. The full document can be seen after the page break, but through my reading I’ve pulled basically the interesting parts.

  • Population is 87% Male, 11% Female, and the rest either unsure of neither. We generally already knew this.
  • Average age is 19, largest population in the survey being between 16 to 18, oldest fan being 57 years old.
  • 61% of the fandom is US, followed by the UK (25%), Canada (6%) and everyone else (6%)
  • 81% of the population is single.
  • A good chunk of the population is Atheist or Agnostic when it comes to religion.
  • 81% of the community is straight, 7% bisexual and 2% Homosexual.
  • 13% of the community claims to be sexual attracted to ponies (farmers, hide your ponies)
  • Overall favorite pony: Twilight Sparkle (23%), with RD, PP and Fluttershy averaging about the same (16%).
  • Splitting the above into based on sex, males prefer Twilight, Females prefer Pinkie Pie.
  • Favorite Pet: Gummy followed by Angel and Tank.
  • Favorite Top 5 Secondary Characters: Derpy, Luna, Discord, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle
  • Favorite Top 5 Episodes: Lesson Zero, Luna Eclipsed, A Friend In Deed, The Last Roundup, Party of One
  • Least Favorite Episode: Owl’s Well That Ends Well
  • Separate Poll for Least Favorite Episode: The Mysterious Mare Do Well, followed by the Owl.

Survey of the Brony Subculture
  • StereoPony

    I always take stuff like this with a cup of tea, I’m not really all that trusting of studies & statistics, they always seem to be skewed in some way or another. Although I can (sadly) believe the 81% of Bronies are single (y ladies no like nice guys?) However I think the male to female ratio seems abit off, I would think there would be more female fans, but hey maybe thats just me.

    No comment on the political & religious beliefs of brines as I think mentioning that is pointless overall same thing for sexuality.

    As for finding ponies sexy. Well….they aren’t ugly, thats for sure, lol.

  • Igor

    So, why didn’t you post the percentages on atheism and agnosticism?

    • Cause there was none, just numbers which I guess I could have added. 1,381 people are Atheist, 863 are Agnostic, 630 are Christian (Protestant), 510 are Christian (Catholic), 515 Not listed, 83 Buddhist, 40 Jewish, 18 Muslims and 4 Hindu.

  • derpymaths

    hey-oh! canada tied with ‘everywhere else’! woohoo!

  • Holy Celestia. If I’d filled in this survey, I’d be the oldest. (I’ll be 59 in six months.)

    • Jody Morgan

      As a great philosopher once said, “Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.” ;)

  • Anonymous

    Of course, 3602 people out of hundreds of thousands of people doesn’t meany anything at all for good data in a survey.

    So yeah. None of this data means anything at all.

    • PoniesIsAwesome

      How do you figure that?

      They’re all still fans of the show, even if it’s less of them. It’s just going to be a smaller pool of the exact same people.

      It’s not like they asked 4 people.

      The results here would barely change, if at all.

      • filledwithsolutions

        Regarding the number participating, I can tell you, atleast empirically, that the people who bothered with the survey are probably quite different from people who didnt bother to fill out the survey. Beyond that:
        The thing isnt even about the numbers, but the source. I can guarantee you, that the results from EqD people in mid-2012, are not at all representative of fans of the show as a whole.

        Do you think Plaster took part in this?
        Not to bash EqD (or Plaster) but I am much more interested in, and likely to share, his answers/opinions as someone who is also a cynical, older, long time fan of the show, as opposed to an EqD kid, who started watching 6 months ago

  • Anonymous

    Hah. It’s not even the EqD crowd, it’s the [i]KnowYourMeme[/i] group. So you’re getting an extremely small amount of data points from a very specific and localized part of the internet and using said data to look at thousands of people. That would be like surveying a town and applying the information to everyone in a country.

    tl;dr: Completely useless data from a website that is owned by a company that thrives on thievery.