Las Pegasus Relief League

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Fun, well-budgeted events that happened this weekend aside, a number of people are forming an organized relief effort (as it were) for those denied rightful compensation from Las Pegasus Unicon.  Check the submission from Coder Brony below:

In an effort to assist the many bronies who ended up financially impacted by the Las Pegasus incident, some of the most active bronies in the community have come together to form the Las Pegasus Relief League. The League has set up an auction web site, where bronies can offer items up to help raise funds for the less fortunate, and where other bronies (or even the same ones!) can bid on some sweet stuff. There’s already some unique goodies available for bidding, and some really awesome things about to arrive. Meghan McCarthy will be selling the shirt off her back, evidently, and Enter-Play has just sent us a list of some loot they plan to offer:

1 Complete Set of Series 1 – including all promotional and autograph cards
1 Framed set of the Mane 6 promo cards
1 Set of both the Rarity and Rainbow Dash promo cards
2 Single Rarity cards

The auction will run through midnight (PST) on Saturday. Afterwards, the winners will be directed to send payment via PayPal directly to bronies in need, and once the payment is received, the donors will ship the auction items to the winning bidders.

The site is available at Bronies in need of financial assistance as a result of Las Pegasus can register at:

Bronies interested in donating funds directly to those in need can register pledges at:

All claims for assistance will be verified, and potential recipients should be prepared to provide hotel and other documentation to prove a loss.

  • An auction is a fun way to raise a little bit of money by pushing a few people to pay more than they normally would. It’s not exactly a community effort.

    The Googledoc “pledge” form is… nice, but I’d much prefer something on the lines of a Kickstarter-style drive, like what #LasPegAssist/Everfree did last Sunday.

  • Eddie

    Dang guys, im really sorry about what happened. I wish i could help :(