Las Pegasus Unicon 12/12/12 Ticket Charity

Visit to Granny Smith
by ~Cannibalus

For the next 24 hours (12/12/12) the kind folks at Las Pegasus Unicon will be donating 10% of their ticket sales today to the College View School. Here is the copy pasta from the convention:

Tomorrow is 12/12/12 a day that will only come once in a lifetime. So we have decided to do something worthwhile with the day! Anyone who has not yet purchased their tickets to Unicon….purchase them on 12/12/12 and 10 % of all ticket sales (daily and full weekend) will be donated to College View School. This is the charity of choice for Amy Keating Rogers. It is the school her son, Soren goes to and we would like to help with their fundraiser for Snoezelen Room. Lets all show the school how Bronies band together to help their own.

ORDER YOUR TICKETS ON THE TICKETS PAGE…if it is ordered anytime before Midnight 12/12/12 (PST) 10% goes to Mrs. Rogers’ Charity

We will keep everypony posted on how much we have raised for the charity via twitter.

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