Derpy hooves Ballpoint by *The-Unicorn-Lord

Unicon is happy and proud to announce many new faces that will be joining us in February.

In addition to the names previously announced, the following will now be joining us for panels, autographs, celebrity dinner and lots of pony fun:

Cindy Morrow – (MLP Writer)

Nicole Oliver – (Princess Celestia and Cherrilee)

Lee Tockar – (Steven Magnet, Shop Keeper, Snips and Beaver Foreman)

Garry Chalk – (Fido the Diamond Dog, please view his bio for additional work he has done)

Mark Oliver – (Gustav Le Grand)

Have you ever wondered what it was like for Rarity to join Fancy Pants in his skybox at the Wonderbolts Derby? Well, wonder no more…coming soon we will be providing the opportunity for 60 individuals to be able to experience the same VIP treatment. Keep an eye on our website at for details. This special event will sell out fast.

Remember there are only 45 days until the convention. Get your tickets today before the prices go up and join us for a ton of pony fun in February. Many new announcements of Voice Actors coming soon.

  • New mission acquired: Get to Unicon

  • Nonononononononono! Lee Tockar is not Mulia Mild! That’s an error with IMDb I’m trying to correct. Mulia Mild is Scott McNeil! Please list another one of Lee’s characters in that spot!

  • And who exactly is saying that Garry Chalk is Fido? Garry himself to the convention, who then reports it to us? Or is the convention saying that by way of another source? Tabitha St. Germain said at SDCC 2012 that Richard Ian Cox and Lee Tockar were Fido and Spot. (Rover is Scott McNeil.)