Las Pegasus Unicon – Get Your Rooms Now, Rate Change 1/27/13

STAND BACK by ~Zicygomar

Attention Everypony that is coming to Las Pegasus Unicon,

We have been informed by the Riviera that our special room rate for booking hotel rooms at the Riviera during the convention weekend is ONLY GUARANTEED until 1/27/13. This means that if you have not yet booked your hotel room you should do it before the prices go up.

Additionally, if anyone has booked a room at the Riviera without using the code on our website for the special price, or booked it but did not get the special rates of $39 and $69, please let us know.

If you were over-charged, The Riviera has agreed to fix your rate.
Send an email to [email protected] with your last name and reservation number and we will help you to get you rate fixed.

Please remember, if you booked on your own, you will not get the special promotion cards that they are giving the convention. This special saves you 20% in all Hotel Restaurants, for all shows on property, at all area bars, in the gift shop and at the spa.

When booking your rooms, please use the code on our website –

This will guarantee you the lowest convention rate and the extra 20% off card.

Remember their prices go up as of 1/27/13

FYI If you call to book your hotel room at the Riviera, they will charge your debit or credit card for 1 night only and will charge your card the balance upon check out. So, for those of you waiting to book your room after your tax returns come in, you will only have to take care of 1 night upfront.

If you know anypony coming to the convention, please help spread the word about the hotel rates going up in approximately 2 weeks.

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