Las Pegasus Unicon – Updated Schedule & Autograph Information

Moofinz for sailby ~MLJ-Lucarias

Moofinz for sail
by ~MLJ-Lucarias

We Are Almost Ready! Are You?

Are you coming to Las Pegasus Unicon?

All of us, here in Las Vegas are looking forward to meeting everypony next week at the start of Las Pegasus Unicon.


Here are some last minute announcements:

Our schedule is up on the website and stuffed full with TONS of PONY FUN.

If you have not yet purchased your badges, please be aware that pre-registration for badges and the few spaces we have left in the Sweet and Elite Suites, closes this Friday, February 15, 2013 (at Midnight PST)


We have updated our website with the times for autographs and photography opportunities with the Voice Actors and Other Guests.


Do you want to avoid waiting in long lines and save a little money while you’re at it?

Check out our autograph voucher pre-purchase option on the website today


See you all in 10 days!!!

Special Guest @ Las Pegasus Unicon

February 22st – 24th

Tara Strong Amy Keating Rogers John De Lancie
Daniel Ingram Cindy Morrow Nicole Oliver
Lee Tockar Garry Chalk Mark Oliver
Michael Daingerfield Andrew Francis Markyke Hendrikse
Brenda Crichlow Peter New Sam Vincent
Trevor Devall M.A. Larson Tabitha St.Germain
Andrea Libman Michelle Creber Britt McKillip
Cathy Weseluck Meghan McCarthy

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