The organizers of #LasPegAssist are calling for donations to keep Las Pegasus Unicon afloat. Also, there are discounts. Read the details below.

Las Pegasus Needs YOU!

We want to thank everybrony at Las Pegasus for attending and being so wonderfully supportive. For those of you who were unable to attend, we missed you. Hopefully we will see you at one of the many cons planned for this year.

The folks at Las Pegasus Unicon have a predicament that needs Brony assistance. There has been an overextention of funds and we need to raise money to cover Con expenses.

We have one last hoof stompin’ day in Las Vegas. To aid in this fundraising effort, the Con is offering fantastic discounts today, Sunday February 24th:

  • $10 for Autographs–What a Deal!
  • $10 for a Photo on your camera of choice with any of the Voice Actors, Writers, or other special guests
  • $15 for an exclusive printed Photo with any of the Special Guests
  • $25 for a Voice Mail Greeting from the Voice Actors, Writers, or a little ukulele ditty from Amy Keating Rogers
  • AND those that have already bought Autograph Vouchers, you will get a 2 for 1 deal!

For those of you unable to attend Las Pegasus, you can help with this cause by pitching in on Paypal. If you can donate $10, $15, $100–no amount is too small! Everfree Network has very kindly offered their account at [email protected]

Cons are the lifeblood of the Brony community. They personalize this amazing online fandom bringing us together in a setting of camaraderie and celebration.

As Applejack would say, Thankee kindly, sugarcube!

You can find informative videos by Everfree Network behind the break.

  • SeaSpray

    Man, what a giant screw up!

    From those videos, the con staffers fled leaving the con guests, musicians and media to help salvage the reputation of the event. Holy crap, that is very embarrassing!

  • David

    I would dearly love a write-up at some point as to what exactly happened at this convention. I was there in the afternoon on Sunday, and it was insanity. But the wackiest rumors I was hearing from people on the floor there as to what happened aren’t far off from what I’m hearing from Everfree or Equestria Daily.

  • John

    IT WAS ALL A CLEVER RUSE. Organizers Sandi and Eddie Haas registered their website under the name “Sandi Edwards”, a name that is known by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (part of the US Treasury) to be used by con artists. The Haas’ knew there wasn’t enough money to pay for the convention. They only planned to pay those that required immediate payment. They appropriated the rest of the funds and fled the convention. OPEN YOUR EYES AND SPREAD THE TRUTH.

    • waffle911

      Con artists. Running a con. A “con con” if you will. Terrible and yet somehow morbidly appropriate that they should take their roles so literally.

  • Nathan

    Are donations still going on? The Paypal button isn’t working for me.