Lauren Faust Answering Season 1 Questions in exchange for Donations to Wildlife Learning Center Campaign

In a continuance from before, Lauren Faust is answering questions about season 1 in exchange for $25 donations to the ‘Wildlife Learning Center Needs Your Support To Care For Animals‘ campaign on Indiegogo.  They’ve currently raised more than $22,000, with a little over halfway to go until they reach their goal.  It’s a flexible funding campaign, though, so they’ll receive whatever they raise at the end of the campaign in three days.  If you have any burning questions about season 1 material you want answered, now’s prime time to ask if you have a little bit of dough.

[Update:  Should they reach their goal, WLC will hold a “Thank You Bronies” party in Sylmar, California.  Faust, Tara Strong, Amy Keating Rogers, Cindy Morrow, and Meghan McCarthy are scheduled to attend.]

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