Freelance community MMO developers Legends of Equestria will be attending Canterlot Gardens. They will be hosting a hands on demo of the game in the gaming room along with the Fighting is Magic team. They’ve sent us some copy pasta:

Legends of Equestria is going to Canterlot Gardens! We will be hosted in the gaming room together with Fighting is Magic! Please stop by and talk with us and share your thoughts and ideas. Or just stop by and give us muffins and cupcakes.

But that’s not all. We will be performing a stress test. During Canterlot Gardens, we will open the game to the public during that weekend. You will need a forum account to log in, so if you don’t have one yet, register on our forums.

There will be two ways to obtain the game:

  1. Stop by our table! We will have flash drives with the game on them to copy to your computer, or bring your own flash drive (at least 512 mb), and we can copy the game onto it.
  2. Download it from our website! We will provide links to download the game, including a torrent link. We urge you to NOT download it from any other source.

We want to remind you all this is still pre-alpha. It will have bugs, it will have graphics issues and it will not be finalized. The server might also go down due to load. Everything is subject to change!

More information about this event will be released next week!

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