License Magazine recently released an article outlining Hasbro’s new merchandising deals (Complete with G3 pony image) for 2013, with several new deals for pony merchandise. There’s a pretty big focus on the Asian market, with several new deals being made with companies to produce merchandise there. Weirdly enough, there seems to be nothing new in the way of continental Europe. You can catch the full list of deals after the page break, or you can click the article link above.

[Source: EQD]

Goodie Two Sleeves – Apparel – U.S., Mexico, Brazil

Gertmanian – Rugs – U.S.

Salesone International – Jewelry – U.S.

New Clothing Limited – Apparel – Australia

Mighty Fine (Not to be confused with WeLoveFine) – Apparel – U.S., U.K., Japan

Pan Oceanic – Eyeglasses – U.S.

Schwager & Steinlein – Stationery – U.K.

Sundra International – Apparel – Asia

Photo Pack-MX – School Supplies – Mexico

Bengawan Solo – Food – Asia

Church & Dwight – Oral Care Products – U.S.

Alikhan Live Entertainment – “Entertainment Products” – Asia

Wei Chang Ching Enterprises – Bath Products – China


  • Citrus Rain

    I’m going to assume since it says “Mighty Fine” then they’re talking about the ones that will be at Hot Topic.

    Hopefully none of the ones I have will appear there, you don’t know how dissapointing it is waiting a month for a shirt to finally come in and a few months later, finding it at HT. (Gir on pig/Epic Meal Time) I was a little relieved that when they did start selling the Doctor Whooves shirts, that they ended up NOT having it the exact same thing – with the tardis and the weeping pegasui.

    …rugs, huh?