Cartoon Network’s MAD continues to rip into the pony fandom with a remark about Equestria Girls in today’s cold opening sketch “MAD News” (not to imply that every member of the show’s production staff isn’t a brony). For those keeping count, this is the 7th appearance of FiM ponies on the show. If you look closely, you can also see ponies in the intro animation, which have been appearing since this sketch aired. Video embed after the break.

  • richfiles

    I actually lust uploaded this myself! LOL…
    Poor EqG… They don’t get no respect.

    I just wanna see it at some point.

  • Anonymous

    I liked EQG, but I find it hard to disagree. All EQG really comes off as is a marketing tool rather than an honest to goodness movie about the ponies we all know and love.

  • I have to admit, this is one of the better MAD blurbs I’ve seen given that I usually don’t like their stuff. Kind of also makes me feel bad for the people who actually *like* this movie, which there are more than a few.

  • nova

    Very hard to believe, but the movie it self very much suffer as a commercial failure and a way to get hasbro a bit of extra money

    • Jody Morgan

      First of all, it hasn’t even been released on home video yet, which is almost certainly where it’ll make most of its money.

      Second, the purpose of the movie is to launch the Equestria Girls toy line. Even if it loses money, Hasbro can chalk it up to marketing expenses.

  • ShinZm

    Guys, the movie wasn’t that bad…

    Seriously. It had some cringe-worthy moments, but overall… Not horrible. Frankly, I found it to be entertaining, so it accomplished that goal as far as I’m concerned. Nothing to write home about, but worth a watch, at least.

    • Anonymous

      No hey, I’m with you.
      A lot of people, including myself, just wish that the first movie for the show we all enjoy was about ponies and not humanized ponies in another universe.

      • ShinZm

        I can see what you mean. It would’ve been nice to have a first movie set in the world we all love in the show. I can also see why it would be hard to write something like that, since currently, there’s a HUGE gap in canon because of Twilight becoming an alicorn and what not. Perhaps we’ll get another movie later on, after things are established in season 4.

        • Anonymous

          I’d bet on it. The pony train is going full-bore for Hasbro right now. They’d be retarded to make a movie and not actually have the freaking ponies in it the next time around.