Viewer Discretion is Advised.

I enjoyed it.

  • Rbus

    Oh god my sides

  • plaster

    well then

  • TG

    Spike is excellent!

  • TheLoneLampman

    5:58. Best quote.

    That was amazing.
    It was indeed.. magic.

  • Well at least Spike is not high in the entire video and Twilight manage to tripled the trouble they’re having.

  • Spitszs

    Oh god lol.

  • Mason

    Eh, kinda uneventful in the end. Could’ve been better.

  • Quin

    The Shed one was the best so far, I think. The little musical number with the bones singing and using their rib cages as xylophones was really fun. ^^

  • Anonymous

    You really should add something to the poll along the lines of “None of the above” or something

    • (That would equate to not using the poll at all)

  • Anonymous

    Spike the drunk comedian