The Massive Smile! Project has been released!

Moreover, once the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser reaches the roughly $10,000 for the clinic in Uganda, The Massive Smile! Project is going to release an official music video to accompany the song!

The Massive Smile! Project is a version of Pinkie’s Smile! Song done in the style of “We Are The World,” featuring some of the best brony musicians, with solos from Cyril the WolfDecibelleF3nningForest RainGlazeJenny NicholsonKryptageThe Living TombstoneMic the MicrophoneOsoth, and Spectracle, as well as instrumental contributions from AshfireEquestria Dude, and Poni1Kenobi. The project was created, and the track produced by Forest Rain.

The complete list of musicians and contributors can be found here, and these are the lyrics with the soloists singing them.

The project is a collaboration with Bronies for Good for the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser. We reported on the launch on April 29. Your donation will go in full to two important projects in Uganda and Burundi, and moreover you’ll get a complete, exclusive album of more than 40 previously unreleased tracks of first-class pony music as a thank you. As if that wasn’t enough, the top donors will also be able to choose from a list of donated prizes.

If you haven’t donated yet, head over to the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser pages!

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