Talking Derpy Plush-Single Image by =EvilSugar

Typically I wouldn’t be posting this since we’ve started our Fan-Merch weekly post, but well its Derpy, and its awesome. This is a custom made Derpy/Ditzy plushie with all the bells and whistles on her. Removal mailbags, a letter and a muffin (with magnets in them so you can stick them to her mouth), and even has an electronic voice box that plays her line from The Last Roundup (I just don’t know what went wrong). This will probably be ‘crazy’ in price when said and done, here are the current details on the eBay auction.

– As of 8pm EST there is 5d 19h left on the auction.

– $510.00 USD with 17 bids.

I’ll note when I looked at this several hours ago, it had 7 bids and was at $300.