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Old news is always old news, but its good to repeat.

Ponies Surpass Internet Meme’s
It seems that ponies have surpassed most internet meme’s, at least from the site KnowYourMeme.  According to the stats, Ponies got almost 6,500 views per day, reaching #12 in only 69 days.  It is the only Meme to break 3,000 images and 2,000, and 1,000, with an average of 45 pictures per day, currently has 3,100.

Pony Backpacks @ Walmart
According to EqD and the reports submitted to them, there are now Pinkie Pie backpacks available at Walmart, of course probably not all yet.  $6 Dollars for something that actually has an on-model image of Pinkie Pie, well worth it.

Hasbro Visits Project Merch
This is the survey conducted by Purple Tinker, the general idea is to get Hasbro and Hot Topic to start selling merchandise aimed at the bronies.  I know from personal reports by PT that many places have given her the run around, but apparently from her site logs, someone from Hasbro visited the slide show.  So there might be hope for this project yet.

2d Pony MMO Combat Demo 1 & 2
Two different demos were released by the 2d Pony MMO team.  You can check out the 2nd demo here.  Personally I like the setup, it makes me think back of the days of Sega Genesis and a game called Golden Axe, which was a side scrolling adventure game kind of like how their battle screen works.  You can check out their development over at their forum.

Pony Sticker Drawing

Strawberry Spice of EquestriaGaming is going to be holding a drawing for custom made pony stickers, but right now asks the question, what images should be printed.  You can run over to the Ponychan Thread for details.

That’s all for now.

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