Midwestria Post Con Press Release

Midwestria took place about two weekends ago, I’ve seen a few people confused about this when the EqD version was posted last night. This past weekend of course was Canterlot Gardens, which outside of the videos we hope to bring you something more, since we had at least two people from our little animal house group attending. Unfortunately Midwestria was one of the many events we had to miss out on, but the staff has given their own report for us to post, namely highlighting the good and the fun.

So for your entertainment – The Midwestria 2012 Wrap Up Press Release (after the page break):

Also The Round Stable has just published their own write up, as they had someone on location. Read it here.

All the excitement for Midwestria 2012 has finally settled for our staff to bring you our best highlights and other news worthy stuff!

Over 600 attendees came down for the weekend for our first year!

Some Musical Guest Video Highlights from Saturday’s concert (Performances): TAPS Live at Midwestria , Seventh Element Live, Chain Algorthim Live, F3nning Live, DJ EHT. Eurobeat Brony also performed live Discord, Gone, and other original tracks yet to be released. His track “Gone” was featured on the Midwestria Ponies on Parade album (as well all are other musical guests) Midwestria Presents: Ponies on Parade

Cyril the Wolf, GraceNote, and BluNoseReindeer also had fantastic performances during the Friday concert performing with their LIVE bands!

Midwestria also had the honor of hosting game developer Budding Friendships panel video: Budding Friendships. Community game developer guest Adventures of the Lunar Bolts also featured a panel.

As you know, Midwestria was proud to welcome writers of the show Charlottle Fullerton, Amy Keating Rogers, and M.A. Larson! A lot of press interviews can be found via Youtube during their perspective panels, as well as the group panel.

Celebrity superfan from MTV’s Jackass, Mike Holman was also in attendance having a great time with attendees. Mr. Holman even hosted the Iron Artist panel, where the art created was sold later at the charity auction! Iron Artist Competition

Other Video Highlights from Midwestria’s special events and panels: Iron Pony Competition, FIM Movie Journey of the Spark, M.A. Larson and Amy K. Rogers sing at Karaoke is Madness. Other awesome fan video coverage can found on our social networking pages and Youtube. The formal Gala ball was also a hit with attendees which featured a pre-dance lesson on ball-room dancing!

Midwestria cosplay photos by The Enthusiasts: Midwestria Gallery

The Midwestria staff want to give a big shout to all the attendees, panelists, guests, artists, and vendors for coming on down and making it a memorable first year! It was an honor and pleasure for our staff . Keep an eye out on further updates from us on the status of Midwestria 2013 from both our website http://midwestria.org/ as well as our official Twitter, FB, and Tumblr (links available on the website)! More pictures and videos can be found via those sites.

Midwestria is Chicagland’s premiere My Little Pony convention created by fans for fans. We are dedicated to providing a fun and welcoming experience for attendees as well as benefiting the greater community through charitable action.

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