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Notebook Review reported more details on the set of USB 3.0 MLP flash drives you can see above.  They are set to be sold starting at $20 USD each for an 8 GB drive, going up to 128GB for a whopping $129.99.  The most interesting thing, though, are the extras that will come on the drives:

Each USB device also comes preloaded with extra digital goodies called Mimory, which includes a collection of wallpapers, icons and avatars. Along with MimoByte sound software, an entire digital issue of the My Little Pony comic-book, videos, and a preview of a new watercolor Pony adventure book “My Little Pony: Under the Sparkling Sea”.

They don’t specify which comic book issue, however.  You can find the drives for sale on, or other various retailers.

[Update/Edit:  The company’s name is Mimoco, and you can find a promo video for the drives after the break, or here.]

  • Anonymous

    The release video show the #1 issue, a sketchbook about the #1 issue and that “My Little Pony: Under the Sparkling Sea” monstrosity, so I’m assuming only those?

    The video also a bunch of pages from that monstrosity (quite readable in HD), and damn it seems awful.