MLD: Episode 6 Post-Show Update

Tonight’s episode of The My Little Dashie show features The Living Tombstone, and LazerPon3. The show starts at the standard time of 9pm EST (-5:00 GMT).

Because the show’s ALREADY at capacity at the above link, these places are also streaming it live:
Brony Dance Party’s Stream:
Celestia Radio:

Post-Show Update: A summary of the events, after the break!

Show starts a bit late due to technical difficulties on Tombstone’s part, who didn’t get to make it after all, but a friend of the show, Mando Pony, showed up and brought with him RobBob, of Epic Pie Time, who told us about a potential upcoming new animation from his group, not quite a sequel, but in the same vein…

During a quick whirl of audience questions, Dashie admits to being unsure of how fast she can go.

Glitter of EQLA came on the show to discuss EQLA, an up and coming convention in the Los Angeles, CA Area. It looks like the goal timeframe is somewhere between October and early 2013.

Afterwards, LazerPon3 announced that he will have a table at the upcoming BronyCon where he will be taking charity commissions for lazer pony art! He also shared his DeviantArt and commission info, which is listed down below. LazerPon3 then linked the following special sneak peaks into some projects coming up:

LazerPon3 then linked these gems:

Skittles dumped heartfire, but was just kidding. Heartfire cried tears of manliness, because of his schedule being shot to hell, and when asked why Dashie was making black pudding at 4am in the morning, it turns out it was because she lost control of her life. The show broke down into general banter including myself calling out This Punk for the right to be DerpySquad’s War Horse.

The Show ended with a set of shoutouts and closing statements from Dashie.


Contact information:

Glitter Pony:

  • @GlitteringPony


  • Youtube – masterpj555
  • DeviantArt:
  • Commission Info for LazerPon3
  • – $7 OC ponies
  • – $20 animations


Lastly, as asked to mention, Equestria Free Radio made a guest appearance near the end of the show, and post show, proposed for the show to come under EFR sponsorship.

After a lengthy discussion internally, the group concluded that they did not want to come under EFR sponsorship, due to inevitable constraints that would be placed on the show. EFR came in to discuss the decision with Dashie, and the conversation went over well and professionally. Afterwards, Freddie Mercury poses were had.